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What is Mirza leather?

What is Mirza leather?

We are India’s leading leather footwear manufacturer and exporter powered by our solid infrastructure, consumer-focussed approach and omni-channel marketing. Learn More.

What is the business of Mirza International?

The company, established by Irshad Mirza and Rashid Mirza, was then called ‘Mirza Tanners Private Limited’. The company focused on supplying high quality leather and leather products to the overseas markets and gradually became one of the largest exporters of finished leather in the country.

Is Mirza International Indian company?

Our global footprint spans 28 countries over five continents. In the international market, we are among the few Indian footwear companies to sell under our brand name.

Who is owner of Mirza International?

Rashid Ahmed Mirza
You can view name of Chairman, CEO, CFO, Management Team, Board of Directors and Key Executives of Mirza International Ltd….PREMARKET.

Rashid Ahmed Mirza Chairman & Managing Director
Sanjay Bhalla Independent Director
Sanjiv Gupta Independent Director
Saumya Srivastava Independent Director

Is red tape Indian brand?

REDTAPE’s story began in 1996 when it became one of the first Indian footwear brands to be available in the leading global markets such as the UK. Since then, REDTAPE has only moved onward and upward. Today, REDTAPE is a global men’s footwear brand for the young and fashionable.

Who is the CEO of red tape?

Goutham Gopalan – Chief Executive Officer – Redtape Global | LinkedIn.

Who is owner of Red Tape brand?

Mirza International Limited
This website and Brand REDTAPE is owned and managed by Mirza International Limited which has its Registered Office at 14/6, Civil Lines, Kanpur – 208001 and Corporate Office at A-7, Mohan Co-operative Industrial Estate, Mathura Road, New Delhi – 110044.

Who is owner of Red Chief?

Manoj Gyanchandani
Started from Kanpur, Manoj Gyanchandani expanded Red Chief to reach 16 states across India with 175 exclusive outlets and over 3,000 multi-brand outlets.

Who is red tape owner?

Is red tape Indian?

Is Bata Indian brand?

Bata Corporation (originally, and in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, known as Baťa) is a Czech multinational footwear and fashion accessory manufacturer and retailer founded in Zlín, today in the Czech Republic.

Is red tape Chinese brand?

The story dates back to 1996, when RedTape became one of the first Indian footwear brands to be available in the leading and discerning global markets of UK. Since then, RedTape’s footprint has moved onwards and upwards.