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What is M995 used for?

What is M995 used for?

The M995 and M993 AP cartridges are required to have better penetration capability than the standard M855 and M80 ball rounds, especially improved capability to penetrate lightly armored vehicles at extended ranges. The primary intent is to improve incapacitation against troops within lightly armored vehicles.

How much is M995 in real?

M995: $1.98 ea. $1.52 ea. The M995 is a 5.56-mm Armor Piercing (AP) cartridge that provides an AP capability for the M16A2 rifle, the M4 carbine, and the Squad Automatic Weapon.

What is M995 made out of?

Description. A 5.56x45mm NATO M995 cartridge with a 3.4 gram armor-piercing bullet with a tungsten carbide penetrator over an aluminum base with a copper jacket, in a brass case.

How much armor can a 7.62 penetrate?

The M993 7.62mm AP Round is capable of penetrating a 7mm thick high hardness armor (HHA) plate at a distance of 500 meters from the muzzle of the weapon. This corresponds to 1/4″ armor plate at a distance of 550m.

What is black tip ammo?

If you find Black Tipped ammo out there (and you probably won’t), that means you’re looking at a true armor-piercing round.

Why is it called 5.56 NATO?

The FN-created cartridge was named “5.56×45mm NATO” with a military designation of SS109 in NATO and M855 in the U.S. These new SS109 ball cartridges required a 228 mm (1-in-9 inch) twist rate while adequately stabilizing the longer L110 tracer projectile required an even faster, 178 mm (1-in-7 inch), twist rate.

Is M856A1 a tracer?

Description. A 5.56x45mm NATO M856A1 cartridge with a 3.6 gram copper alloy core tracer bullet with a copper jacket, in a brass case, intended for target designation and fire adjustment in battle (Trace color: Red).

How heavy is a 7.62 round?

The .30-06 Springfield M1906 round weighed 26.1 grams (403 gr), and the 7.62×51mm NATO M80 round weighs 25.4 grams (392 gr).

Will 7.62 NATO penetrate body armor?

Level/Type III Body Armor Level III will stop most of all 5.56mm and 7.62mm bullets, but will not defeat military-grade armor-piercing ammo. For example, a NATO M855 5.56 x 45mm bullet with a 62-grain steel core will defeat a Level III armor system. It will, however, defeat a 5.56 x 45 mm bullet at 55 grain.

What are red tipped bullets?

The red plastic tip allows the round to keep a traditional shape as it flies through the air. A hollow point projectile by itself can often tumble in flight or have a crazy flight path over longer ranges. With a red tip, the projectile follows a traditional flight path.

What does the M993 and M995 mean?

The M993 and M995 were initiated in 1992 as part of the Soldier Enhancement Program (SEP), and intended to give the soldier an added capability against armored threat vehicles. This capability will support the precision engagement and dominant maneuver force aspects of Joint Vision 2010.

What is M993 ammo used for?

The M993 is a 7.62-mm AP cartridge which provides an AP capability for the M60 machine gun, and the M24 sniper rifle. These cartridges were designed to augment the fielded version of the ammunition (M855 and M80), which employ a soft lead (or ball) projectile.

What is the new M993 round in the Army?

The Army will accredit ORCA/SDF to support full materiel release. The new 7.62x51mm Advanced Armor Piercing Round will replace the current M993 AP round in the M993-linked configuration to provide improve lethality compared to the current M80A1 and M993 cartridges.

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