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What is Jinx good at lol?

What is Jinx good at lol?

Jinx is a fan favourite ADC. She is also one of the more popular ADC’s around in the current meta. With an early lead, Jinx can quickly take over the lane and dominate the game. Because of her strength and popularity, it is good to know how to play against her.

What is good with Jinx?

Janna. Janna is great at keeping Jinx safe while she farms and scales into the mid and late game, where she shines her brightest. If and when Jinx gets to a point where she’s dealing tons of damage, the enemy team is definitely going to try an all-in to take her out, and Janna is more than prepared to deal with that.

How old is LOL jinx?

11-12 years old
Jinx’s age has been a common question among fans, since it wasn’t quite openly stated during her screen time. While it isn’t possible to tell Jinx’s exact age in Arcane, League’s lore allows us to make a healthy guesstimate. Jinx is 11-12 years old in Arcane’s first act.

Why is Jinx so popular?

Jinx has maintained a steady popularity since her release all the way back in 2012 or 2013. Also, she is interesting, she is basically Harley Quinn/Joker with guns, so easy to make a TV show with her. Everything is already set up, as far as characters go.

Is Jinx strong early?

Atrocious early game as she does no damage during that stage and is very vulnerable to all-ins. She can easily be zoned out of CS, which is not a good thing for her as she needs her core items to be useful. Q rockets work.

Does ekko love Jinx?

Ekko also has multiple voice lines in various games that suggest he had a deeper friendship with Jinx. In League of Legends, his taunt toward an enemy Jinx is, “I had a crush… until you started talking to the gun.” In Legends of Runeterra, he reacts to an allied Jinx being summoned with the line, “man…

Who should I ban as Jinx?

Jinx Counter Pick

Champion Win Rate Ban Rate
S Kog’MawMouth of the Abyss 52.65% 0.29%
B TristanaYordle Gunner 49.52% 0.37%
B DravenGlorious Executioner 49.75% 0.79%
S CaitlynSheriff of Piltover 52.6% 5.27%