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What is Jean-Georges famous for?

What is Jean-Georges famous for?

Though Jean-Georges Vongerichten is one of the world’s most famous chefs, his skills extend far beyond the kitchen. A savvy businessman and restaurateur, Jean-Georges is responsible for the operation and success of 40 restaurants worldwide.

How many Michelin stars does Jean-Georges Vongerichten have?

two Michelin stars
Awarded four stars by the New York Times and two Michelin stars, Jean-Georges presents exquisitely crafted dishes blending French, American, and Asian influences. The local farmer’s market is the driving force behind the seasonal, ever-changing menu.

Is Jean-Georges still married?

Vongerichten commands restaurants in Miami Beach, Las Vegas, London, Paris, Shanghai, and Tokyo, as well as New York’s Jean-Georges restaurant and Tangará Jean Georges in São Paulo’s luxurious Palácio Tangará, by Oetker Collection….

Jean-Georges Vongerichten
Spouse(s) Marja Dominique Allen
Culinary career

Who owns Jean George?

Jean-Georges Vongerichten
Jean-Georges is a two-Michelin-star restaurant at 1 Central Park West (between West 60th Street and West 61st Street), on the lobby level of the Trump International Hotel and Tower, on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, New York City, named after its owner Jean-Georges Vongerichten.

Does Gordon Ramsay have a Michelin star?

Restaurant Gordon Ramsay opened in 1998, and quickly received the most prestigious accolade in the culinary world – three Michelin stars. Today, Restaurant Gordon Ramsay is London’s longest-running restaurant to hold this award, and Ramsay is one of only four chefs in the UK to maintain three stars.

Where does Marja Vongerichten live?

They called back a few months later, and said we found your birth mother. She’s living in Brooklyn. But they were like, just be prepared because we don’t know what her circumstances are. She might be remarried, and maybe she didn’t tell him.

Who is Jean-Georges wife?

Marja AllenJean-Georges Vongerichten / Wife (m. 2004)

Who is Jean-Georges married to?

Marja AllenJean-Georges Vongerichten / Spouse (m. 2004)

Who is Christian Vongerichten?

Mr. Vongerichten, right, with his brother Christian, who as a boy loved to wear his older brother’s clothes. Philippe, one of four children, shared a large bedroom with Jean-Georges and their middle brother, Christian. “We had one big closet with three drawers,” Philippe said.

How did chef Paul Vongerichten meet his business partner Phil Suarez?

Mr. Vongerichten met his business partner, the entrepreneur Phil Suarez, almost 40 years ago when the chef was cooking at Lafayette, a restaurant of matchless creativity in the Drake Hotel in New York. Mr. Suarez kept coming in for lunch, bringing celebrity guests like Michael Jackson. Each time, he would hand Mr. Vongerichten his business card.

What kind of vinegar does Paul Vongerichten use?

She made lavish use of an Alsatian vinegar, called Melfor, infused with honey as well as plant and fruit extracts. Today, complex, amplified flavors appear in almost all of Mr. Vongerichten’s dishes. Mr. Vongerichten with his mother, Jeanine, and father, George, in the late 1980s.

How did Paul Vongerichten get rich?

Over the next decade, Mr. Vongerichten opened 10 restaurants for Mr. Outhier, including ones in Singapore and Hong Kong, before moving to the United States. There, he opened the restaurant Le Marquis de Lafayette in Boston in 1985, and then Lafayette in New York in 1986. He lived on the ground floor of the Drake Hotel, his salary $35,000 a year.