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What is IBM Kenexa BrassRing on cloud?

What is IBM Kenexa BrassRing on cloud?

IBM Kenexa BrassRing on Cloud is a global leader in applicant tracking systems and is used by many large and successful organizations around the world to attract, engage and hire top talent.

Is BrassRing the same as Kenexa?

WAYNE, PA – October 6, 2006 — Kenexa (Nasdaq: KNXA), a leading provider of software, services and proprietary content that enable organizations to more effectively recruit and retain employees, today announced an agreement to acquire BrassRing, a leading provider of talent management solutions to enterprise …

Does IBM own BrassRing?

Infinite is acquiring IBM Lead Manager, BrassRing, and Onboard. BrassRing supports more than 20 languages and provides candidate lifecycle management and employee onboarding for more than 240 customers, many of whom appear on the Fortune 500.

Is Kenexa part of IBM?

On August 27, 2012, it was announced that Kenexa had been acquired by IBM for $1.3 billion.

What is IBM Kenexa assess?

IBM Kenexa Skills Assessments is a library of more than 1,200 different tests designed to help employers and recruiters determine candidates’ proficiency in skills, knowledge, ability, behavior, and/or fit. IBM Kenexa Assessments are fully-automated with 24×7 online access, automated scoring and automated reporting.

Who uses Kenexa?

Companies using IBM Kenexa BrassRing for Applicant Tracking System include: CVS Health Corporation, a United States based Healthcare organisation with 216000 employees and revenues of $292.11 billion, Total, a France based Oil, Gas and Chemicals organisation with 105476 employees and revenues of $200.32 billion, Royal …

Who owns kenexa?

IBMKenexa / Parent organization

What is brass ring recruitment?

BrassRing is a web-based firm that integrates online recruiting with in-person career events to help firms attract new talent.

Who bought IBM Kenexa?

Today IBM announced the acquisition of Kenexa for $1. 3 billion (42% premium to the company’s closing price last week). Kenexa is a consulting, content, and technology company which plays in many different parts of the talent management market, and was a slow-growing company playing in many high-growth markets.

Who makes BrassRing?

IBM Kenexa BrassRing for Applicant Tracking Systems is being used by CVS Health Corporation, a healthcare organization in the United States with 213000 employees and revenues of $268 million.

Who owns Kenexa?

Are kenexa tests difficult?

They are designed to be challenging, but if you’ve put time and effort into preparing, you should be able to succeed at a Kenexa test.