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What is home stretch in horse racing?

What is home stretch in horse racing?

In horse racing, the “home stretch” refers to the final race towards the finish line. “Home stretch” is an idiomatic English expression referring to the last part of a journey or process. It is must usually part of the phrase “in the home stretch,” meaning that a project is nearing completion.

What is a race to the finish game?

Make a game where two characters race each other.

What does home stretch mean?

Definition of homestretch 1 : the part of a racecourse between the last turn and the winning post. 2 : a final stage.

How long is the stretch in horse racing?

7 furlongs
The standard definition of backstretch refers to the configuration of an oval racetrack, where the backstretch is parallel to the homestretch. It is shown in blue on the adjacent diagram. On an oval track, sprint races (typically 7 furlongs or less) begin on the backstretch and go around one turn to the finish line.

How do you play finish line?

Players start with their markers in the starting square. Players take turns until someone has moved all three markers to the Finish Line card, and that player becomes the winner. If desired, the remaining players can continue to play, to see who comes in second, third, and so on.

What’s another word for homestretch?

Homestretch Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for homestretch?

end conclusion
closing consummation
windup finis
capper endgame
wrap-up mop-up

How do you use home stretch in a sentence?

The homestretch is the last part of a race. Easy Goer overtook Clever Trevor in the homestretch. You can refer to the last part of any activity that lasts for a long time as the homestretch, especially if the activity is difficult or boring. The Oscars race will enter the homestretch after this weekend.

What horse track has the longest stretch?

Breeders Crown Harrah’s Hoosier Park has the LONGEST stretch of any active harness race track in North America. Measuring a whopping 1,255 feet, the homestretch can wreak havoc on even the most durable and seasoned campaigners.

What racetrack has the longest stretch?

From Furlongs to Ovals – More Racetracks and Stretch Run Variations

Race Track Main Track Oval Stretch Run
Pimlico 1 mile (8f) 1,152 feet
Oaklawn Park 1 mile (8f) 1,155 feet
Churchill Downs 1 mile (8f) 1,234 feet
Fair Grounds 1 mile (8f) 1,346 feet

How do you play finish line peg game?

A peg can only enter FINISH if the exact number required to get into one of the FINISH spaces is popped. Pegs in FINISH are safe from other players’ pegs because no player can move into another player’s FINISH line. Pegs can move within a FINISH area only in the direction of the arrows and by exact count of the die.