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What is HighJump software used for?

What is HighJump software used for?

HighJump Now empowers supply chains worldwide with cloud infrastructure. This gives our on-premise offerings for warehouse, transportation management (TMS), logistics and supply chain execution the ability to provide adaptability, control and scalability all from a secure cloud environment.

What is WMS HighJump?

HighJump WMS is capable of handling both perishable and nonperishable products in a range of sectors, including 3PL, e-commerce and manufacturing. The WMS is designed to optimize a warehouse from a role-based level, with the goal of better operational efficiency and completion of orders on time.

Is HighJump an ERP system?

Having completed thousands of successful projects, HighJump provides predefined solutions and processes that result in faster time to value so you can ensure you get the most from your WMS and ERP. HighJump is ready to marry our WMS with your ERP, no matter the size of your company.

What is HighJump one platform?

HighJump provides a comprehensive route management solution for those customers looking to do either direct DC to consumer, store to consumer or van to consumer delivery. Using a comprehensive road network, it optimizes the routes to ensure the lowest cost and most effective delivery.

Who bought HighJump?

Körber AG
On August 30, 2017 Körber AG, announced its acquisition of HighJump Software Inc. HighJump was a portfolio company of Accel-KKR, and specializes in supply chain software, serving over 4,000 customers across the retail, consumer products, automotive, aerospace, pharma, and food/beverage industries.

What is High Jump technology?

HighJump Software is a global provider of supply chain management software that streamlines the flow of inventory and information from supplier to store shelf. More than 1,500 customers worldwide have transformed their supply chains using HighJump Software.

What database does HighJump use?

The HighJump ERP data collection system is PeopleSoft certified and has been successfully integrated with more than 40 different ERP systems, including: PeopleSoft. Oracle. SAP.

What is HighJump and Korber?

Supply chain technology vendor HighJump Software Inc. is rebranding the company under the name of its parent company, the German logistics technology provider Korber AG, in an effort to create a unified technology platform that helps its clients handle spiraling e-commerce demands and consumer expectations.

Did Korber buy HighJump?

Körber acquires HighJump – a leading US-American supply chain and cloud solutions specialist. Hamburg/Minneapolis, August 30, 2017. International technology group Körber reinforces its Business Area Logistics Systems with the acquisition of the US-American supply chain software specialists HighJump.

What companies use HighJump?

Companies Currently Using Highjump

Company Name Website Sub Level Industry
Wayfair General Retail
Nordstrom Apparel & Accessories
BD (Becton, Dickinson & Company) Medical Testing & Clinical Laboratories
Hamilton Beach Brands Inc. Appliances

What is HighJump technology?

Who bought HighJump software?