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What is happening to vallco?

What is happening to vallco?

In 2018, the Cupertino City Council approved the Vallco Town Center under the conditions of Senate Bill 35 – a law that requires cities not building enough housing to fast-track qualifying projects. The city declared then that the approval would expire on Sept. 21, 2021 if construction wasn’t underway by then.

When did Vallco mall close?

Vallco Shopping Mall

Interior view of Vallco Shopping Mall, then called Cupertino Square. This section of the mall was demolished in late 2019.
Wikimedia | © OpenStreetMap
Opening date September 1, 1976
Developer Vallco Fashion Park Venture (Phillip Lyon, Gordon & Co. and Vallco Park Ltd.)
Owner Sand Hill Property Co.

What does vallco stand for?

Vallco Park started as a business park in the 1960s, formed from land owned by 25 Cupertino property owners. It was named for the primary developers: Varian Associates, and the Leonard, Lester, Craft, and Orlando families.

Can I bring my own snack to AMC?

To make a complicated topic more simple, here is the quick answer – no, AMC theaters does not allow you to bring outside food or drink into the theater.

Is the Vallco Theater in Cupertino open?

Cupertino City Clerk. Retrieved November 10, 2016. ^ Myllenbeck, Kristi (December 24, 2016). “Cupertino: Vallco theater, ice rink, bowling alley to remain open”. San Jose Mercury News.

What is the new name for the former Vallco Center in Cupertino?

Vallco, the beleaguered former retail center in Cupertino, has a new redevelopment plan dubbed “The Rise.” To see all of the twists and turns in its long Silicon Valley history, check out the timeline of the events that led up to this point.

What happened to Vallco Shopping Center?

Beginning in 1986, increased competition from other regional malls such as Stanford Shopping Center and in particular Valley Fair (renovated into an indoor shopping mall that year) began to cause Vallco trouble. Foot traffic began to rapidly decline, and tenants began to move to these competing malls.

How long is Cupertino’s Vallco project approval good for?

That approval is good for three years, and Cupertino officials recently said Vallco’s is set to expire this month. AB 1174 clarifies that projects delayed by litigation — as Vallco was — get more time.