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What is Funkadelic best album?

What is Funkadelic best album?

10 best Parliament and Funkadelic albums

  • Parliament, “Mothership Connection” (1975)
  • Funkadelic, “Maggot Brain” (1971)
  • Funkadelic, “Free Your Mind …” (1970)
  • Parliament, “Up for the Down Stroke” (1974)
  • Funkadelic, “One Nation Under a Groove” (1978)
  • Funkadelic, “Hardcore Jollies” (1976)

Where do I start with Funkadelic?

From their early experiments to hitting the big time, here is the essential introduction to a movement that became known as P-Funk.

  • Funkadelic. Maggot Brain.
  • Funkadelic. Cosmic Slop.
  • Funkadelic. Standing on the Verge of Getting It On.
  • Parliament. Up For The Down Stroke.
  • Parliament. Chocolate City.
  • Parliament.
  • Parliament.
  • Funkadelic.

What is George Clinton’s best album?

Funkadelic and Parliament Albums Ranked Worst to Best

  • 8. ‘
  • 7. ‘ Free Your Mind …
  • 6. ‘ Funkadelic’ (Funkadelic, 1970)
  • 5. ‘ The Clones of Dr.
  • 4. ‘ Funkentelechy vs.
  • 3. ‘ Maggot Brain’ (Funkadelic, 1971)
  • 2. ‘ Mothership Connection’ (Parliament, 1975)
  • 1. ‘ One Nation Under a Groove’ (Funkadelic, 1978)

Who’s a Funkadelic album?

Connections & Disconnections is an album recorded by Fuzzy Haskins, Calvin Simon, and Grady Thomas under the name Funkadelic.

What is the difference between Funkadelic and Parliament?

Meanwhile, Clinton regained the rights to the name “The Parliaments” and initiated another new entity, now known as Parliament, with the same five singers and five musicians but this time as a smoother R&B-based funk ensemble that Clinton positioned as a counterpoint to the more rock-oriented Funkadelic.

Which came first Parliament or Funkadelic?

The band and its sister act Parliament, both led by George Clinton, pioneered the funk music culture of the 1970s. Initially formed as a backing band for Clinton’s vocal group the Parliaments, Funkadelic eventually pursued a heavier, more psychedelic rock-oriented sound.

Is Funkadelic and Parliament the same?

Parliament-Funkadelic (abbreviated as P-Funk) is an American music collective of rotating musicians headed by George Clinton, primarily consisting of the funk bands Parliament and Funkadelic, both active since the 1960s.

What type of music is Funkadelic?


Is Parliament-Funkadelic in the Hall of Fame?

1997Parliament-Funkadelic / Hall of fame induction
Parliament-Funkadelic was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1997 and received a Grammy Award for lifetime achievement in 2019.

What is P-Funk drug?

A style of music which combines elements of funk, rap, and psychedelic rock. Applied originally to music performed by the bands Parliament and Funkadelic: see etymology. 2 slang A type of high-purity heroin.

What’s the difference between Parliament and Funkadelic?