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What is Frontier Corps Balochistan?

What is Frontier Corps Balochistan?

The Frontier Corps (Urdu: سرحد واہنی, reporting name: FC), is a paramilitary force of Pakistan in the provinces of Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, to maintain law and order while overseeing the control of the country’s borders with Afghanistan and Iran.

What is Frontier Constabulary Pakistan?

The Frontier Constabulary (FC) is a paramilitary police force responsible for maintaining law and order in Pakistan and dealing with Situations out of the capabilities of Normal Police Force of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

What is difference between Frontier Corps and Frontier Constabulary?

Frontier Constabulary: The Frontier Constabulary operates within Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and is responsible for border protection with the former FATA region; unlike the Frontier Corps it is commanded by police officers.

Does Frontier do constabulary?

District is the basic unit of operational hierarchy of Frontier Constabulary. There are seventeen districts in total known by the names of FC Districts. Each district is headed by a District Officer (DO), commonly known as DO FC who is an officer of the rank of BS-19 or BS-18.

What is Frontier Corps in Pakistan?

Frontier Corps is a Paramilitary Force of Pakistan known as the FC and was established in 1878. The duty of the Frontier Corps (FC) is to maintain law and order while monitoring the control of the country’s borders with Afghanistan and Iran, currently serving in the provinces of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan.

What is FC KPK?

FC KPK is a force with a long triumphed victorious history of over a century. FC KPK is the first responder to any kind of terrorism / natural calamity from Broghil Pass in the North to Gomal River in the south. FC KPK is tactically deployed along the Pak-Afghan border covering a vast area of approximately 1300 km.

Who is IG Frontier Constabulary?

The Frontier Constabulary (Urdu: جمیعتِ سپاہیانِ سرحدی) is a federal paramilitary force of Pakistan under the control of the Interior Secretary of Pakistan, which is largely drawn from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, but operates in several districts of Pakistan.

What is Frontier Reserve Police?

Similarly therefore a district is headed by District Police Officer (DPO).Peshawar is governed by capital police officer with a total strength of eight thousand force. The reserve police unit is a force of ten thousands men is called Frontier Reserve Force (FRF).

How many FC are in Pakistan?

At present there are 17 FC districts stretching from Gilgit in the extreme north to Karachi in the extreme South of the country. Thus in all the provinces of Pakistan, except Punjab, FC is performing its duties.

Who is current Commandant of Frontier Constabulary?

Salahuddin Khan Mehsud
Frontier Constabulary

Frontier Constabulary جمیعتِ سپاہیانِ سرحدی
Operational structure
Headquarters Corps Headquarters, Sunehri Masjid Road, Peshawar Cantt.
Agency executive Salahuddin Khan Mehsud, Commandant

What’s the meaning of constabulary?

armed police force
Definition of constabulary (Entry 2 of 2) 1 : the organized body of constables of a particular district or country. 2 : an armed police force organized on military lines but distinct from the regular army.

How many forces Pakistan have?

Troop strength

Service Total active-duty personnel Total reserve
Army 560,000 550,000
Navy 54,100 5,000
Air Force 70,000 8,000
Paramilitary Forces 482,000 Unknown