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What is faire in future simple?

What is faire in future simple?

Futur simple (Future) je ferai. tu feras. il fera. nous ferons.

What are the conjugations of faire?


  • je fais (I do, I make, or I’m doing, I’m making, same thing)
  • tu fais (you’re doing)
  • il fait (he’s doing)
  • elle fait (she’s doing)
  • on fait (we’re doing, informal)
  • nous faisons (we’re doing)
  • vous faites (you’re doing)
  • ils font (they’re doing)

What is the conditional form of faire?

The conditional tense conjugations for the French verb faire, along with their English translations….Conditional of the French verb faire.

il ferait he would do
elle ferait she would do
nous ferions we would do
vous feriez you would do

How do you use faire?

Faire = to have done, make happen Faire plus the infinitive is the causative construction: to have/make (someone) do (something). Je fais tondre le gazon. I’m having the lawn mowed. Il m’a fait pleurer.

What does faire mean?

to do
On its own faire can be translated as “to do,” “to make,” “to equal,” “to play,” “to cover,” “to turn into,” “to work as,” “to act,” “to measure,” “to cost,” and “to last,” depending on the context.

What is the future tense of être in French?

French Verb Conjugations

Present Future
il a été aura été
nous avons été aurons été
vous avez été aurez été
ils ont été auront été

How do you use faire in French?

What is the future tense of aller?

The present tense of the verb aller + the infinitive of the main verb….How to form the immediate future.

Subject pronoun Aller = to go English
je vais I’m going
tu vas You’re going (informal)
il/elle/on va He is going/She is going/We are going
nous allons We are going

What is avoir in future tense?

To conjugate the irregular verb avoir (to have) in Le Futur Simple, you use: aur- + the following endings: -ai, -as, -a, -ons, -ez, -ont. Look at these examples: J’aurai deux enfants. I will have two children.

What is a faire?

: obligatory scene : a plot element that is standard for a particular genre.

What is the past tense of faire?

Note that with avoir as an auxiliary, past participles never agree with the subject of the verb: Il a fait des cookies. He made cookies. Elle a fait des cookies….Learn how to conjugate FAIRE (to do/to make) in Le Passé Composé in French.

FAIRE to do/make
ils/elles ont fait they did/made

Is Faire a word?

Faire is an irregular verb that is commonly used throughout the French language. Although faire is one of the most common French verbs, it can be challenging to master because it has many different meanings. Faire can be used in idiomatic expressions to talk about the weather, going shopping, and more.