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What is faceted search example?

What is faceted search example?

Faceted search makes search results more relevant Facets offer a way to describe an aspect of a product or page. For instance, a facet can be an option for a product. If we go back to the iPhone example, a facet would be “black”, “gold” or “pink” as color. By offering faceted search.

What is a faceted search interface?

Faceted search, also known as guided navigation or faceted navigation, is a way to add specific, relevant options to your results pages so that when your users search for a product, they can see where in your catalogue they’ve ended up.

What is faceted navigation SEO?

“Faceted navigation” refers to how Ecommerce websites allow visitors to filter and sort results based on product attributes. From an SEO point of view, notice how when you select a different option, the URL changes.

What is a facet UX design?

Facets, also known as facet filters, allow users to refine their searches by multiple dimensions at the same time. Faceted search is a more granular way to find products and results in a specific, targeted way that is not possible with broad, one-size-fits-all filters.

What faceted means?

Things that are faceted have many different sides or faces. The sparkling ruby in your grandmother’s necklace is faceted. The adjective faceted is most often used to describe a gem or semi-precious stone that’s been cut and polished.

How do you create a facet?

To create a facet: In the Facet view, click Create New and, from the dropdown list that displays, select Facet. The Details pane displays empty text boxes you will fill with information about the facet. From the Faceting Property dropdown list, select the property that represents the facet.

What is facets in Algolia?

Facet filtering, filtering based on facet values, is a helpful feature for users since it allows them to find specific, targeted results in a way that isn’t possible with one-size-fits-all filters. You can combine facet filters with AND (conjunctive) and OR (disjunctive) operators.

What is a database faceted search?

Faceted search, or faceted navigation, is a way of browsing and searching for items in a set of data by applying filters on various properties (facets) of the items in the collection.

What challenge does faceted navigation present for SEO?

Because every possible combination of facets is typically (at least one) unique URL, faceted navigation can create a few problems for SEO: It creates a lot of duplicate content, which is bad for various reasons. It eats up valuable crawl budget and can send Google incorrect signals.

What is the difference between a filter and a facet?

Filters eliminate search results using initial criteria and never change between searches. Facets are used to refine search results using result attributes, and will change depending on the search query.

How does a facet work?

Facets allow you to more precisely define your search. There are 2 types of facets: Pre-facets are filters that can be set before a search. When you select “All available collections”, “Books, eBooks, Video, Audio”, or “Database Articles” from the drop down list before searching, you are setting a pre-facet.