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What is executive chair car in Shatabdi?

What is executive chair car in Shatabdi?

Each Shatabdi train has 2 Executive Class coaches. While Chair Car coaches have seating arrangement in 3×2 seats per row, the Executive Class coaches follow the 2×2 seating arrangement. There is a clear difference in the quality of seats between both the classes.

What is the difference between AC chair and executive in Shatabdi?

A: CC stands for AC Chair Car while EC stands for Executive AC Chair Car. While both these are AC coaches, EC coaches are more spacious and offer passengers more legroom as compared to CC.

How many seats are there in Shatabdi chair car?

Both the coaches have 124 seats in total, out of which 46 are executive-class seats, whereas the remaining 78 are general chair car.

What is executive car in train?

The executive class coaches in a train are usually considered the Business Class travel option of the Indian railways. The EC compartments are fully air-conditioned. However, these compartments have a chair car style of seating arrangement without any sleeper berths.

Is Shatabdi executive class worth it?

As for the end verdict from my side, the Shatabdi executive class is ultimate value for money when it comes to food, comfort and cleanliness.

Is executive chair car vistadome?

Remember, the fare of Vistadome tourist couches is in line with the executive class chair car of the Shatabdi Express trains.

Does chair car have AC?

Executive chair car: An air-conditioned coach with spacious seats and legroom. With four seats in a row, it is used for intercity day travel and is available on the Tejas, Shatabdi Express and Double Decker Express. AC chair car: An air-conditioned coach with five seats in a row, used for intercity day travel.

Is Shatabdi chair car AC?

The Shatabdi along with the Rajdhani and the Duronto are among the major in India and Indian Railways considers Rajdhani and Shatabdi as prestigious….

Shatabdi Express
Class(es) Executive Chair Car, AC Chair Car
Seating arrangements Yes
Catering facilities No pantry car attached but has onboard catering

Is food served in Shatabdi Express now?

Cooked food on premium trains (Rajdhani, Shatabdi, Duronto) had already been restored in December 21. Ready to eat meals would also continue,” it added. The cooking services are being completely restored amid a decline in Covid-19 cases across the country, the IRCTC further said in the release.

Is Shatabdi full AC?

Service. Shatabdi Express trains offer fast connectivity with only a few intermediate stops. They are fully air-conditioned and of a much higher standard than most Indian trains.

Is EC same as Vistadome?

Now that the Vistadome coach is gaining much traction, the Railways has decided to change the booking codes….Revised List of Train Coaches and Booking Codes.

Booking Code Class Coach Code
E.C Executive Class E
E.A Anubhuti Class K
F.C First Class F
E.V Vistadome AC E.V

What is ec class in Vistadome?