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What is Epimere and Hypomere?

What is Epimere and Hypomere?

epimere – deep back muscles – innervated by dorsal primary rami. hypomere – all others (including diaphragm) – innervated by ventral rami. abnormal migration – prune belly, exstrophy of bladder.

What are the three morphological regions of the somites and their adult derivatives?

Differentiation within the somite. Somites form (1) the cartilage of the vertebrae and ribs, (2) the muscles of the rib cage, limbs, and back, and (3) the dermis of the dorsal skin.

What arises from paraxial mesoderm?

The paraxial mesoderm gives rise to the axial skeleton. The lateral plate mesoderm gives rise to the appendicular skeleton.

What is somite stage?

The somites (outdated term: primitive segments) are a set of bilaterally paired blocks of paraxial mesoderm that form in the embryonic stage of somitogenesis, along the head-to-tail axis in segmented animals.

What is a Hypomere?

[ hī′pə-mîr′ ] n. The portion of the myotome that forms muscle of the body wall and that is innervated by a branch of a spinal nerve. The somatic and splanchnic layers of the lateral mesoderm that give rise to the lining of the celom.

What is the difference between somites and Somitomeres?

In the developing vertebrate embryo, the somitomeres (or somatomeres) are cells that are derived from the loose masses of paraxial mesoderm that are found alongside the developing neural tube….Somitomere.

Gives rise to somites
Latin somitomera

How many Somitomeres are there?

The pattern of somitomeres in this fish is most like the pattern in amniote embryos. There are 7 cranial somitomeres, with the otic vesicle lying above segments 6 and 7, and 4 occipital somites.

What is Primaxial and Abaxial?

The primaxial domain comprises somitic cells that develop within somite-derived connective tissue, and the abaxial domain includes muscle and bone that develop within lateral plate-derived connective tissue. The boundary between the two domains is the lateral somitic frontier (Fig. 2).

What is somitic mesoderm?

Paraxial mesoderm, also known as presomitic or somitic mesoderm is the area of mesoderm in the neurulating embryo that flanks and forms simultaneously with the neural tube.

What is meant by sclerotome?

Medical Definition of sclerotome : the ventral and mesial portion of a somite that proliferates mesenchyme which migrates about the notochord to form the axial skeleton and ribs.

What is derived from the Hypomere?

hy·po·mere (hī’pō-mēr), 1. The portion of the myotome that extends ventrolaterally to form body-wall and limb muscle, innervated by the primary ventral ramus of a spinal nerve.