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What is DST service?

What is DST service? DST provides business services in two main areas: Financial services: alternatives, analytics, banking, broker-dealer, communications, compliance, distribution, funds, insurance, wealth management, process management and retirement.

Who founded DST Systems?

The man who started DST and built it into a 13,000-person global operation is a Kansas Citian named Tom McDonnell.

Is DST a transfer agent?

DST is the lead transfer agency systems provider serving the mutual funds industry for over forty years.

Who purchased DST?

SS&C Technologies Holdings Inc.
(NYSE: DST) announced that it has an agreement to sell to SS&C Technologies Holdings Inc. for $84 a share in cash, equating to an enterprise value of $5.4 billion. SS&C Technologies Holdings Inc. (Nasdaq: SSNC) is a Connecticut-based provider of investment management software and services.

What is DST in mutual funds?

DST is the lead transfer agency systems provider serving the mutual funds industry for over forty years. The objective of our comment letter is to provide evidence to the Commission with regard to cost impacts of the proposed money market reform.

What is DST Vision used for?

DST Vision is an interactive website that allows financial intermediaries, such as broker/dealers, and financial advisors to view fund, shareowner account, and dealer information.

What is DST transfer agent?

Is DST now SS&C?

Earlier today, we announced the close of SS&C’s DST acquisition. The addition of DST’s financial services and healthcare businesses provide SS&C with additional scale and breadth across the institutional, alternative, wealth management, and healthcare segments.

Is DST Vision free?

There are no charges to the Vision customer associated with Vision access; the fund families incur all costs for your access.

What is DST account?

DST Vision is the web site most widely used by financial intermediaries for access to customer account. information from more than 270 mutual fund and variable annuity companies. Vision provides simple, interactive tools that help advisors manage accounts more efficiently. There is no charge for Vision.

Who bought DST industries?

Under the terms of the agreement, SS&C will purchase DST in an all-cash transaction for $84 per share plus assumption of debt, equating to an enterprise value of approximately $5.4 billion .

Is SS&C the same as DST?