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What is divvied up meaning?

What is divvied up meaning?

to divide or share
Definition of divvy up : to divide or share (something) We divvied up the money.

What is the meaning of scoping up?

Definition of scoop up informal. : to take or buy (something) in a quick and eager way Customers scooped up the free samples.

What is another word for divvy up?

What is another word for divvy up?

divide allocate
carve up divide out
portion out ration out
portion split up
disburse give

How do you spell divvying up?

verb (used with or without object), div·vied, div·vy·ing. to divide; distribute (often followed by up): The thieves divvied up the loot.

Where does divvy up come from?

“to divide (up),” 1877, American English, originally a noun (1865), a slang shortening of dividend. The verb is primary now (the noun is not in “Webster’s New World Dictionary”), leading some (such as “Webster’s”) to think the word is a slang alteration of divide.

What is the past tense of divvy?

divvy ​Definitions and Synonyms

present tense
he/she/it divvies
present participle divvying
past tense divvied
past participle divvied

How do you use scoping in a sentence?

We took her to a vet that flushed out her nasal passage, as well as did a scoping to look for nasal polyps but none were found. If you’re looking for an all around classic paisley vest, try scoping out a lightweight wool blend that can be worn year round.

What’s another word for scoping?

What is another word for scoping?

scrutinisingUK scrutinizingUS
looking upon mapping out
staking out scoping out
eyeing up catechizing
keeping under surveillance keeping tabs

Where does slang Div come from?

Actually originates from prison slang in the UK. A job often given to the lowest inmates was to put cardboard dividers into boxes. Someone given this job was a ‘divider’ or a ‘div’. Now used as an insult to those who display stupidity.

What is scoping for an event?

Your Event Scope is a high-level document that outlines your who, what, where, when, why, and how clearly for all parties involved in the event. The key is to keep it simple and straightforward.

How do you use scope in a sentence?

1) The land was flat, giving no scope for defence. 2) There’s not much scope for imagination in this job. 3) Her job offers very little scope for promotion. 4) He believed in giving his staff scope for initiative.