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What is data source in SAP BI?

What is data source in SAP BI?

From a technical point of view, the DataSource is a set of logically-related fields that are provided to transfer data into the BW in a flat structure (the extraction structure) or in multiple flat structures (for hierarchies). DataSources supply the metadata description of source data.

What is the data source?

A data source is simply the source of the data. It can be a file, a particular database on a DBMS, or even a live data feed. The data might be located on the same computer as the program, or on another computer somewhere on a network.

What is data source type?

There are three types of data sources: relational. multidimensional (OLAP) dimensionally modeled relational.

What is user data source in SAP?

Database Data Source – allows you to manage data from a table in the SAP Business One database. User Data Source – allows you to manage data defined internally for your add-on.

How do I find DataSource in SAP?


  1. Go to SE11, open Data Type (Data Element) of PREIS. Select Where-to-Used list and in Selection. Select the Structure Check Box.
  2. In Table ROOSOURCE, Enter the Structure in Selection range of Field Extractor. You will get the list of DataSource where the Field PREIS is used.

What is Lo extraction in SAP BW?

Definition : Lo extractor is used to extract logistics data from sap r/3 to sap bw. In older days LIS used in place of LO.

What is the difference between database and data source?

A data source is simply something your program relies on to get data. A database is a kind of data source that persists data to some digitized form. Other data sources include files, services, etc — these all provide data to your programs.

How do you identify data sources?

Identifying Data Sources

  1. Inventory Data Sources. Model or depict the operational data sources using the data element, table, file, and database names and descriptions currently used.
  2. Identify Data Stores and Data Elements.
  3. Tips and Hints.

How do you identify DataSources?

How do you determine DataSource data?

You can check data in datasources using extraction checker in transaction RSA3.

How do I know if my DataSource is active?

go to RSA6 and in find button type ur DS, if its there then its active or else go to RSA5 and transfer. then you can see in RSA6. ROOSOURCE is a good option to find out all at once.

What are the extractor types?

There are three types of content extractors:

  • Business Content Extractors (Application Specific): BW content FI, HR, CO, SAP CRM, LO Cockpit.
  • Customer-Generated Extractors (Application Specific): such as LIS, FI-SL, CO-PA.
  • Generic Extractors (Cross Application): based on DB View, Infoset, Function Module.