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What is Crocodile injection?

What is Crocodile injection?

Crocodile was described as a highly toxic drug prepared from different ingredients, including codeine, iodine, gasoline, and phosphorus, which causes severe damage to soft tissues and neurological complications when injected.

What is the cost of krokodil?

Addicts who cannot afford to sustain their heroin addiction turn to krokodil instead. A hit of krokodil only costs about $8 in the streets, while users pay $25 or $30 for heroin.

What is the new drug krokodil?

Krokodil is made up of the synthetic morphine analog, desomorphine which produces an opiate-like effect with a fast onset and brief duration. The drug is known to have a 10 times more potent analgesic effect than morphine with increased toxicity, respiratory effects, and depression.

What is krokodil effect?

It’s called semi-synthetic because it is created in a chemical process but it’s made primarily from a drug, usually codeine, that comes from the opium poppy. The short-term effects of Krokodil include relaxation, euphoria, slow and shallow breathing, and pain and swelling at the injection site.

What drug is krokodil made from?

The main active ingredient of Krokodil is desomorphine, a synthetic derivative of morphine. It can be manufactured at home from codeine, along with several other easily available additives, and is significantly cheaper than heroin.

What countries use krokodil?

At this point, Russia and Ukraine seem to be the countries most affected by Krokodil, however Georgia, Germany, Kazakhstan, Czech Republic, France, Belgium, Sweden, Norway as well as the USA have reported Krokodil use and related injuries.

Who uses krokodil the most?

While a relatively new phenomenon, krokodil use is prevalent in Russia and the Ukraine, with at least 100,000 and around 20,000 people respectively estimated to have injected the drug in 2011.