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What is choreographic style in dance?

What is choreographic style in dance?

• choreographic style: the consistent choices a choreographer makes in. relation to all elements of choreography, for example subject matter and its treatment, use of choreographic devices, structuring, dancers, aural setting and physical setting.

What are choreographic techniques?

1. the art of composing ballets and other dances and planning and arranging the movements, steps, and patterns of dancers. 2. the movements, steps, and patterns composed for a dance, piece of music, show, etc. 3.

What is Rafael bonachela known for?

Rafael Bonachela is a Choreographer, Artistic Director and Curator whose career has seen him successfully span high art and popular culture, working across a range of art forms, including contemporary dance, art installations, pop concerts, musicals, film, commercials and fashion.

What are the 8 choreographic devices in dance?

Tools of the choreographer used for the creation of dances such as abstraction, canon, motif, contrast, accumulation, repetition, reversal, retrograde, inversion, fragmentation, and embellishment.

What are the three choreographic elements of dance?

Elements of Choreography

  • Time: Time encompasses rhythm, speed and syncopation of movements.
  • Energy: Energy relates to the quality of movement.
  • Space: Space is the area the dancer is performing in.
  • Put it all together: By using these three elements in combinations, many variations in movements can be created.

What are examples of choreographic devices?

Choreographic devices, including: motif and development. repetition….Action content, including:

  • travel.
  • turn.
  • elevation.
  • gesture.
  • stillness.
  • use of different body parts.
  • floor work.
  • transfer of weight.

How many dancers are in Sydney Dance Company?

The reward of truly moving audiences, and the raw pride of sharing Australian art with the world has driven our ensemble of 16 dancers, led by Artistic Director Rafael Bonachela, to become one of the world’s strongest forces in contemporary dance.

Who is the artistic director of Sydney Dance Company?

Director Rafael Bonachela
Sydney Dance Company has been led since 2009 by Spanish-born Artistic Director Rafael Bonachela. Over the past eight years the Company has cemented its reputation as a creative powerhouse, with an acclaimed group of dancers presenting new work by Bonachela and other choreographers, designers, composers and musicians.

What are the 4 choreographic forms in dance?

CHOREOGRAPHIC FORMS Narrative, Simple Binary form (AB), Tenery Form (ABA), Theme and Variation, Rondu (ABACA), Non-Specified Sequential Form.

What are choreographic elements?

What is choreographic intention in dance?

Choreographic intention The aim of the dance; what the choreographer aims to communicate.

What are the 7 choreographic devices?

How did Rafael Bonachela start choreography?

Rafael Bonachela: I first began expressing my interest in choreography through Rambert’s workshop platform while I was a dancer in the company. The first piece I created was taken into the company repertoire and after that experience, I jumped at every single chance to choreograph I was given.

Who is Rafael Bonachela?

Choreographer and Artistic Director of Sydney Dance Company, Rafael Bonachela, employs a profoundly physical movement style as a tool to connect audiences with consequential human themes. His infectious energy and passion for contemporary culture brought Australian dance into focus on the international stage.

Who is Bonachela Dance Company?

He travelled to England, joining London’s legendary Rambert Dance Company in 1992 where he remained as a lead dancer and Associate Choreographer until 2005. It was Rafael’s commitment to concentrate on the creation of his own dance works that saw him move away from Rambert to form Bonachela Dance Company in 2006.

Who is Rafael Nunez?

This interview has hardly dated and explores the ways in which Rafael works, his background in dance and his vision for Sydney Dance Company. It is also hard to think about this interview without Kylie Minogue with Rafael choreographing both Fever and Showgirl tours. Rafael has made an incredible contribution to dance and Sydney Dance Company.