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What is cap torque?

What is cap torque?

The cap torque tester is used in the packaging industry to measure the opening or closuring torque of the screwing cap. It is a piece of specific quality control equipment that can be placed on the production line or in the laboratory.

How does cap torque tester work?

Bottle Cap Torque Tester. Clamp a bottle into the bottle cap torque tester. By hand, apply the cap to the bottle slowly and evenly. As you tighten the cap you will notice that the digital readout on the torque tester is displaying the amount of torque you are applying to the cap.

What are torque meters used for?

The torque meter serves for detection of the loosening torque as well as for tightening of screws. Simultaneously the torque meter can be used as a monitoring instrument. The torque test instrument provides a keyed chuck with two steady handles.

What is torque Test in pharmaceutical industry?

Torque testing is an Acceptable Quality Limit (AQL) testing process to measure the force required to remove a cap that has been applied to a bottle as part of the packaging process.

What is a capping machine?

A bottle cap machine is a machine that tightens or secures a container’s cap. Every company that fills products into bottles, containers, or jars needs a way to close the container, and the most common closure is a cap.

How do you measure torque in a bottle?

Application torque is the rotational force with which the closure is applied to a bottle or jar. Measured in lb / in, rule of thumb for application torque measurement is half (50%) of the diameter of the closure. For example, a 43mm closure should have an application torque of between 21 to 22 lb /in. Great!

How much torque is required to open a bottle?

Using the example of a soda bottle cap, an acceptable opening torque range may be between 15 and 20 pound-inches. A sample falling outside this range would be considered a reject, while a sample falling within the range would be considered acceptable. Some other applications require more than just the peak.

How do you measure torque?

The most common method for measuring torque and power of an engine is through a dynamometer, or “dyno” test. This test works usually by connecting the output shaft of an engine to a set-up that applies a resistive load.

How do you check torque?

After fastening the bolt, make use of a torque measuring tool to mark off the tightened bolt and the product/workpiece. Apply additional force in the tightening direction until movement is noticed. Recording the reading will indicate the residual torque originally applied to the joint.

How do you use a capping machine?

SA™ Capping Machine with Standard Base Place a cap loosely onto the bottle and then place the bottle onto the base of the machine so it is resting against the backstop. The bottle is now well centered under the capping motor and ready to be capped. The operator depresses the foot pedal.

What is the standard torque required to open glass containers with metal closures?

The industry standard for application torque is typically 50% of the size of the closure. For example a 43mm closure should have an application torque of 21 to 22 in-lbs, in general.

How much pressure is needed to open a bottle?

How Much Pressure Can A Water Bottle Hold? It should be no problem for a 2-liter plastic bottle to hold 100 psi without rupture. It takes about 130 pounds of pressure to rupture a bottle of this size in good condition. It is possible that some rupture at 170 psi.