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What is Cadence in Epic?

What is Cadence in Epic?

Cadence is the Epic scheduling module for Outpatient and Specialty clinics. Any time you have an appointment with your doctor, their scheduling staff will use Cadence to book your appointment, then check you in on arrival.

How do you navigate with Epic?

Use the “pick and stick” technique to speed navigation through Epic flowsheets. Click on the “Doc Detail Report” link on the right side of the flowsheet screen. Then left-click to pick the option, and right-click to make it stick.

What does breaking glass in Epic mean?

• Break the Glass (BTG) is an Epic feature that allows users to gain access to a. restricted patient record. The act of gaining access to a restricted record is called breaking the glass. • BTG forces users to think twice about the patient information they are about to access.

What is Epic Cadence Scheduling?

Epic Cadence Enterprise Scheduling Software is a mobile and desktop application that tracks patient throughput at each stage of the appointment and care process. This technology is designed to help scheduling staff and clinicians ensure that patients are scheduled in a timely manner with the appropriate resources.

What is Cadence schedule?

Your meeting cadence is how often you have recurring meetings (daily, weekly, monthly, etc…) When someone says they’d like to meet on a weekly cadence, for example, you might wonder, “What is a weekly cadence?” It simply means they want to meet once a week.

Can I practice Epic at home?

This section indicates that individuals can access YNHH owned or managed applications or systems from a personal computer if YNHH allows it. Epic is allowed under YNHH policy when accessed via Citrix from a personal computer.

How do I quickly chart in Epic?

5 tips to chart faster in Epic

  1. Illness HPI form. Use the “Illness” template in Epic.
  2. Dictate, dictate, dictate (real time) If you have the ability to dictate, dictate.
  3. Minimize your dot phrases.
  4. Use floating windows.
  5. Make sure all of your “wrenches” are optimized!

Is Epic charting easy?

Epic is pretty easy to learn. However, it has many different versions I’ve found. Our largest hospital system uses it and then our second hospital system went with it too and they are like two different systems.

What is the best way to learn Epic?

To become Epic certified, candidates must go through a training program and then take and pass a certification exam. In many cases, to be admitted into an Epic training program, you must have sponsorship from an employer. There are several modules as options that you can take for Epic certification.

How do you mark a patient confidential in epic?

To ensure confidentiality, a study team member who has an Epic role with access to scan (Ex: Research Coordinator with Scanning) needs to place an FYI flag on the patient’s record.

What does Breakglass mean?

Break glass (which draws its name from breaking the glass to pull a fire alarm) refers to a quick means for a person who does not have access privileges to certain information to gain access when necessary.

What is epic cadence scheduling?

What is Epic Cadence Scheduling? Cadence is the Epic scheduling module for Outpatient and Specialty clinics. The physicians and other staff are able to see the schedule for the whole clinic, or just for their own patients. Besides, what is Cadence Scheduling?

Why choose cadence online training?

Our Online Training Library of courses helps you get the training you need at times that are convenient for you. Online Training is delivered over the web—letting you proceed at your own pace, anytime and anywhere. The Cadence Online Training solution makes sure you’ll stay on the cutting edge.

What if I don’t have a cadence support account?

If you don’t have a Cadence Support account, you’ll need to get one. With a Cadence Support account, you’ll also have access to our Training Byte videos, Cadence Training technical webinars, and much more.

How does managed care work with Epic?

Managed Care. Manage your health insurance operations. Epic gives you flexibility to support all your lines of business, including group, exchange, Medicare Advantage, Managed Medicaid, and delegated risk. Make Epic your system of reference for member demographics, coverages and benefits information.