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What is Bois Epais about?

What is Bois Epais about?

Originally a baritone aria from Lully’s opera Amadis, “Bois epais” is a heartfelt lament by the main character Amadis, who is exiled and heartbroken. His only solace is the trees of the forest, to whom he is lamenting. Yet, even they are too happy for him, as Amadis is begging for the trees to blot out the sun.

Who was the librettist for Lully’s Armide?

Philippe Quinault
Armide is an opera in five acts by Jean-Baptiste Lully. The libretto by Philippe Quinault is based on Torquato Tasso’s poem La Gerusalemme liberata (Jerusalem Delivered).

Who was Armide?

Armide represents the culmination of the long and fruitful career of Jean-Baptiste Lully (1632–1687), the most powerful musician at the court of Louis XIV and the first important composer of French opera.

When was Armide written?

The words were written by Philippe Quinault. The story of the opera is based on Jerusalem Delivered by Torquato Tasso. It was first performed February 15, 1686 by the Paris Opéra at the Théâtre du Palais-Royal. It was revived several times in the 18th century.

When did Lully write Armide?

The German’s great work will be much more to modern tastes (it is, after all, by a genius) – but Lully’s Armide is a fine opera in its own right, and easily its composer’s masterpiece. Félix Clément, Dictionnaire des opéras, 1869.

What was Jean Baptiste Lully known for?

Jean-Baptiste Lully, Italian Giovanni Battista Lulli, (born Nov. 29, 1632, Florence [Italy]—died March 22, 1687, Paris, France), Italian-born French court and operatic composer who from 1662 completely controlled French court music and whose style of composition was imitated throughout Europe.

What period is Armide?

Lully’s Armide is considered by many to be one of the best examples of early French baroque opera, in a genre known as tragedie en musique.

What composer died of gangrene?

Jean-Baptiste Lully
Jean-Baptiste Lully: the Baroque composer who died of gangrene after stabbing his foot with a conducting stick. Jean-Baptiste Lully met a rather sticky end. Quite literally, by his own conducting staff. The 17th-century composer Jean-Baptiste Lully was a violin virtuoso, and master of French Baroque music.

Was Lully successful?

He performed successfully as violinist, dancer, and conductor. He started his own orchestra of stringed instruments and trained it to play with exceptional precision; it was famous throughout Europe for the quality of its performance. At the same time, Lully was writing music and achieving a reputation as a composer.

Which composer was in charge of the 24 violins of the king for over 30 years?

Jean-Baptiste Lully.

What is Lully’s gift to Louis XIV?

As a young teenager, Lully was sent to Paris, where his gifts for dancing, violin and guitar earned him the moniker ‘Baptiste’. Young Louis XIV spotted the young man, and by 1653 Lully had been made royal composer for instrumental music.

What is Lully famous for?

Lully founded French opera (tragédie en musique or tragédie lyrique), after having found Italian-style opera inappropriate for the French language. Having found a congenial poet and librettist in Philippe Quinault, Lully composed many operas and other works, which received enthusiastically.