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What is between Colorado Springs and Pueblo?

What is between Colorado Springs and Pueblo?

The best city between Colorado Springs, CO and Pueblo, CO to meet is Wigwam, Colorado.

How far apart are Pueblo and Colorado Springs?

Distance between Pueblo and Colorado Springs is 67 kilometers (42 miles). Driving distance from Pueblo to Colorado Springs is 73 kilometers (45 miles).

Is Pueblo south of Colorado Springs?

South of Colorado Springs, vacationers can head to Pueblo to peek at Colorado’s Spanish and Native American roots.

What towns are between Colorado Springs and Pueblo?

Cities between Colorado Springs, Colorado and Pueblo, Colorado

  • Stratton Meadows. Colorado 4% 2 miles.
  • Stratmoor Hills. Colorado 9% 4 miles.
  • Stratmoor. Colorado 13% 6 miles.
  • Fort Carson. Colorado 18% 8 miles.
  • Fountain. Colorado 26% 12 miles.
  • Buttes. Colorado 43%
  • Wigwam. Colorado 52% 24 miles.
  • Henkel. Colorado 57% 25 miles.

Is there an airport in Pueblo Colorado?

Pueblo Memorial Airport is conveniently located 6 miles from downtown Pueblo. We are an easy drive from town and an easier flight to the world.

How do I get from Colorado Springs to Denver without a car?

If you are coming from DEN and don’t need a car in Colorado Springs, then one of the most convenient options is to take the Colorado Springs shuttle service offered by Groome Transportation. The company runs around 20 daily shuttles between Denver and Colorado Springs.

Is Colorado Springs a good place to live?

If you are thinking Colorado Springs might be right for you, you’re definitely going to want to look further into moving there. After all, Colorado Springs is often ranked as one of the best cities to live as well as one of the best for retirement.

What towns are around Colorado Springs?

2021 Best Suburbs Surrounding Colorado Springs

  • Cimarron Hills. Population: 16,161.
  • Woodland Park. Population: 7,785.
  • Stratmoor. Population: 6,900.
  • Security-Widefield. Population: 32,882.
  • Fountain. Population: 30,735.
  • Manitou Springs. Population: 5,346.
  • Black Forest. Population: 13,116.
  • Gleneagle. Population: 6,611.

What city is closest to Colorado Springs?

Major cities near Colorado Springs, CO

  • 62 miles to Aurora, CO.
  • 63 miles to Denver, CO.
  • 277 miles to Albuquerque, NM.
  • 397 miles to Lubbock, TX.
  • 411 miles to Wichita, KS.
  • 457 miles to Oklahoma City, OK.
  • 458 miles to Lincoln, NE.
  • 497 miles to El Paso, TX.

What airline flies out of Pueblo?

Harry Reid Intl. Seattle – Tacoma Intl. Los Angeles Intl. Harry Reid Intl….Flights from Pueblo: All You Need to Know.

What’s the cheapest flight from Pueblo? $103 (roundtrip)
How much is a flight from Pueblo? $103 – $256

What airport is closest to Pueblo?

What is the nearest airport to Pueblo? The nearest airport to Pueblo is Pueblo (PUB) Airport which is 7 miles away. Other nearby airports include Colorado Springs (COS) (38 miles) and Denver (DEN) (110.9 miles).