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What is beam strap?

What is beam strap?

The beam strap is purely decorative and can be used to hide seams when installing two beams together or just add a rustic flair. Sold in rolls, the flex beam strap can be easily cut with a utility knife or scissors and attaches to beams with adhesive and finishing nails.

What kind of wood do you use to wrap beams?

Buy lumber if you want to stain the wrap to a particular color. You can use basically any wood you want. Whitewood pine is an inexpensive choice that can be made to look like vintage lumber by distressing it. Buy enough wood to equal 3 times the length of the beam(s) you want to cover.

What is the difference between tie beam and strap beam?

Tie beam is provided when the two footings are in the same line. Strap Beam(inclined beam) is similar to tie beam but it connects two footings at a certain angle. Strap beam is laid when two footings are in different levels. Tie beam/ Strap beam are specifically located between pile caps and shallow foundations.

What is foundation strap?

Foundation Straps offer an economical, one-piece method of achieving a continuous load path from a 2×8 to 2×14 dimensional rim joist through concrete block to foundation. All models require a 6″ embedment into concrete footings.

Why choose our iron beam straps?

From old world wrought iron looking straps to the modern clean crisp black metal straps, our iron beam straps will elevate the look of any space.

What are your beam straps made of?

Our beam straps are made of flexible urethane rubber – but don’t tell – your guests and customers will think they are made of iron. Why do you offer loose nuts, bolts and clavos?

What are the best straps for beams and brackets?

U straps or beam straps are great for covering a seam or hanging a plant or light from a beam. These decorative metal straps for wood beams are a great way to add some rustic charm to a room. Iron brackets for beams, faux beams, and other masonry applications are installed with lag bolts or small decorative screws.

How do I install a faux beam strap?

Installing a faux beam strap is as simple as determining the location, trimming the strap, gluing it into place and securing the strap with a small screw. Full installation instructions are available under the resources tab.