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What is back translation in research?

What is back translation in research?

Back translation involves taking the translated version of a document or file and then having a separate independent translator (who has no knowledge of or contact with the original text) translate it back into the original language.

What was the purpose of back translation?

Back translation, also known as reverse translation, is a localization quality control method where content is translated back to its original language and then compared to the source text. The goal is to find discrepancies and evaluate the accuracy of the translation.

What is back translation example?

Back Translation Definition To put it very simply, Back Translation is the process of translating an already translated document back to the original source language. That is, if a document was translated from English to Chinese, it is translated back into English from Chinese.

What is the process of back translation?

Back translation is defined as: a procedure whereby a translator (or team of translators) interpret or re-translate a document that was previously translated into another language, back to the original language.

What is backwards translation?

Back translation, also called reverse translation, is the process of re-translating content from the target language back to its source language in literal terms.

What is back and forward translation?

The forward-backward method begins with a version of the question set in the language in which it was originally developed, for example, English. This version is given to professional translators who translate the module into another language, for example, French.

What is back translation of a questionnaire?

Another approach is the back-translation method. In this case, a questionnaire is translated into the target language by one translator and then translated back into the source language by an independent translator who is blinded to the original questionnaire. The 2 source-language versions are then compared.

What is the problem with using the back translation method?

A back translation will never be 100% the same. In fact, it will often sound very literal and unnatural. This is because the back translator aims at reflecting the translation as closely as possible and is aware that the text is not for publication but for checking purposes.

What is the process of back translation quizlet?

In back translation the questionnaire is translated from one language to another, and then a second party translates it back into the original.

When using back translation The translations are good if?

Back translation (sometimes referred to as double translation) is most helpful when the content at hand includes taglines, slogans, titles, product names, clever phrases and puns because the implied meaning of the content in one language doesn’t necessarily work for another language or region.