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What is another word of lush?

What is another word of lush?

Some common synonyms of lush are exuberant, lavish, luxuriant, prodigal, and profuse. While all these words mean “giving or given out in great abundance,” lush suggests rich, soft luxuriance.

What is a lush definition?

1 slang : intoxicating liquor : drink. 2 : a habitual heavy drinker : drunkard. lush. verb. lushed; lushing; lushes.

Does lush mean attractive?

If you describe a person or thing as lush, you mean that they are very attractive or appealing.

Is Lush a good word?

lush adjective (GOOD) good or, of a person, attractive: We had a lush time on my birthday. He’s so lush.

Who uses the word lush?

The slang term “lush” to describe someone as a drunk or someone who drinks a lot came from the slang term used to describe liquor of an unknown origin in 1890. The British also use “lush” as a slang term to describe a nice looking female or an object that is desirable in general.

What does lush mean in the UK?

UK informal. good or, of a person, attractive: We had a lush time on my birthday.

What type of word is lush?

As detailed above, ‘lush’ can be a noun, a verb or an adjective. Adjective usage: That meal was lush! Adjective usage: Your voice is lush, Lucy! Adjective usage: This is a lush beer, I could drink it all day!

Where is the word lush from?

lush (adj.) mid-15c., “lax, flaccid, soft, tender” (obsolete or dialectal), from Old French lasche “soft, loose, slack, negligent, cowardly,” from laschier “loosen,” from Late Latin laxicare “become shaky,” related to Latin laxare “loosen,” from laxus “loose” (from PIE root *sleg- “be slack, be languid”).

Do English people say lush?

It is especially popular in the northwest and midlands of England. There are lots of slang and dialect words to say something is good or cool. For example, in Wales you might hear people say ‘tidy’ or ‘lush’, while in Birmingham you might hear ‘bostin’.

What does it mean when a guy calls you lush?

LUSH is a slang term which means “Attractive or Sexy” and “Heavy Drinker.” It is also used as a superlative.

Where did lush come from?

Where does the word lush come from?

lush (n.) “drunkard,” 1890, from earlier slang meaning “liquor” (1790, especially in phrase lush ken “alehouse”), of obscure origin; perhaps a humorous use of lush (adj.) or from a word in Romany or Shelta (tinkers’ jargon). It also was a verb, “to drink heavily” (1811).