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What is a worm gear hose clamp?

What is a worm gear hose clamp?

Worm Drive Hose Clamps, also know as Worm Gear Hose Clamps, are a metal band clamp. They feature a helical-threaded screw, or worm gear, that is housed in the clamp. Worm Gear Clamps provide a hi-torque clamp that prevents hose connections from slacking, and they also prevent leakage.

What are the different types of hose clamps?

There are four overarching categories of hose clamp; screw/band, spring, wire and ear. Each different hose clamp is used depending on the type of hose in question and the attachment at the end. As one of the most regularly used hose accessories, questions surrounding the use of hose clamps are frequent and plentiful.

What is a common name for a worm drive hose clamp?

Other names for the worm gear hose clamp include worm drive clamp, worm gear clips, clamps, band clamps, hose clips, and genericized names such as Jubilee Clip.

How much pressure can a worm gear hose clamp hold?

The clamp can be hand tightened to over 135 in/lbs. without the screw slipping or the cage becoming deformed.

Why is it called a worm clamp?

The term worm drive is reference to the helical-threaded screw or worm gear housed within the clamp. As the screw is turned it meshes with the slots in the band and tightens the clamp. The design provides a hi-torque clamp which prevents hose connections from loosening or leaking.

How do you use a worm drive hose clamp?

Place the worm gear hose clamp around the hose to be clamped with the worm gear screw head facing in the direction necessary for access to the head with tools. Insert the band into the worm gear screw housing until it stops and holds it firmly in place.

What type of hose clamp is best?

For barbed fittings, using a clamp with a flat band like a screw-type or ear clamp is best. Spring-style clamps are excellent for clamping a hose over a grooved fitting, such as a radiator fitting in a vehicle. The hose’s material doesn’t matter as much as sizing the clamp properly.

What is a Type F hose clamp?

Standard Worm Drive Hose Clamps SAE Type “F” The clamps typically have a 1/2″ wide band and a 5/16″ slotted hex head screw. Not recommended for use with soft/silicone hoses or tubes.

What is the strongest type of hose clamp?

It’s almost a rule that the best hose clamps must be stainless steel in construction. Stainless steel is strong, durable, and resists corrosion.

How are hose clamps sizes?

To determine the size needed, install the hose (or tubing) on the fitting or pipe (which expands the hose), measure the outside diameter of the hose, then select a clamp that accommodates that diameter in about the middle of its range.

How does a worm gear clamp work?

The Drip Cap Match the type and size of the clamp to the diameter of the hose to be secured. The worm gear screw meshes with the slots in the band to draw it tighter around the hose as the worm gear screw is turned.