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What is a Viton O-ring?

What is a Viton O-ring?

Viton® O-Rings Viton is a brand of synthetic rubber and fluoropolymer elastomer commonly used in O-rings and other molded extruded goods. Viton is a registered trademark of DuPont and is sometimes generically referred to as FKM.

How are seals manufactured?

Background information: Extruded rubber seals are made by forcing the uncured rubber through a die while it is under heat and pressure. This uncured rubber is then vulcanized, i.e. heated, to cause a chemical reaction which cures the rubber.

Who makes Viton?

Viton® is a brand name of DuPont for its synthetic rubber and fluoropolymer elastomer, commonly used in O-rings and other moulded or extruded products.

What can I use instead of O-ring?

Alternatives to O-rings for static sealing

  • Extruded and cut seal profiles. One alternative to O-rings are extruded and cut seal profiles.
  • Rubber substitutes. O-rings are often made of rubber elastomers.
  • Flange seals.
  • Static radial seal.
  • Axial face seals.
  • Press-in-place seals.
  • Composite sealing plates.
  • Parker Hannifin.

Which is better Viton or NBR?

Environmental Properties: Viton® O-rings and seals have a wide range of chemical resistance (involving mineral acids, fuels, and oils) and this material is also highly resistant to oxidation, UV exposure, fungus, weather, ozone, and mould. This makes Viton® far superior to Nitrile in these regards.

Which is better Viton or EPDM?

Temperature – Viton® temperature resistance ranges from -20°C to 210°C, while EPDM temperature resistance ranges from -45°C to 145° This means that both are excellent for extreme temperatures, but EPDM has a slight edge in colder temperatures, while Viton® is better for heat resistance at higher temperatures.

What is Oring made of?

Some of them are made of silicone rubber, whereas others are made of Aflas or polyurethane. These are just a few materials used in the construction of O-rings. Others include polytetrafluoroethylene, Buna, Viton and more.

Is PTFE the same as Viton?

Viton vs Teflon (PTFE) – Viton offers a greater temperature resistance but falls short of Teflons(PTFE) chemical resistance. Also, Teflon is slightly less thermally resistant but offers much more in the way of non-adhesive properties.

How to make your own O rings?

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ No

  • Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 8.7 x 7.9 x 3.8 inches; 1.65 Pounds
  • Item model number ‏ : ‎ 112
  • Date First Available ‏ : ‎ September 29,2004
  • Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ Loctite
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  • Where can I buy O rings?

    25 Duro: Rubber band

  • 55 Duro: Door seal,soft o’rings
  • 70 Duro: Most o’rings,automotive tyre tread
  • 90 Duro: High pressure o’ring,hydraulic u-seal
  • 100 Duro: Ebonite rubber,skateboard wheels:
  • What size are O rings?

    Various nations and organizations have developed o-ring sizing standards that are now used worldwide. Popular o-ring size standards include USA’s AS568 o-ring size chart, the UK’s BS 1806 o-ring sizing chart, and Japan’s JIS B 2401 o-ring size list. Metric o-rings and custom size o-rings are often used when a standard o-ring size will not fit an application or existing hardware. X-rings and Square-rings Marco Rubber offers custom o-rings and non-standard o-rings in most materials with no

    How to design your own custom ring?

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