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What is a stern gland on a narrowboat?

What is a stern gland on a narrowboat?

Stern gland is a collar of either rubber or brass designed to prevent the ingress of water where the propeller shaft exits the hull of a narrowboat.

What are gunnels on a narrowboat?

“Gunwale” is defined in the dictionary as the uppermost edge of a ship’s side.

What is a tug style narrowboat?

Tug Narrowboat Style This is essentially a trad, normally a replica trad with boatman’s cabin and vintage engine in its engine room although there are some that are mod-trad style, with either a large forward hold covered with cloths or a large forward raised sealed deck with hold under accessible from inside.

What is a cruiser stern narrow boat?

Cruiser sterns are a common sight on the canals and are especially popular with holiday hire fleets. The cruiser stern narrow boat provides a pleasant deck area for seating for all the family. The engine is accessed through deck boards and makes routine checks and maintenance a far more pleasant experience.

What is steering a narrowboat like?

It has been said that steering a narrowboat is like trying to steer a long string of shopping trollies. I would like to pass on some handling tips for boaters who maybe new and inexperienced, who want a few guidelines on cruising on the canals.

What are the different types of Stern boats?

The three main stern types are cruiser, semi-traditional or traditional. There are also a number of other styles, which are not seen as much on the canal network, including a Josher, Tug, wide beam and Dutch Barge.

What is a narrow boat used for?

This type of boat was originally built to carry goods on the canals where locks and bridge holes would have a maximum width of at seven feet. This type of design is still used in the building of the modern day narrow boats which are used for the leisure and holiday hire industry.