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What is a shopping cart called in Europe?

What is a shopping cart called in Europe?

If you’ve spent some time at French markets or grocery stores, you’ve surely seen a few chariots de course (also called pousettes de marché), that let you put your groceries directly into your cart to wheel home.

What do they call a shopping cart in the UK?

A shopping cart (American English), trolley (British English, Australian English), or buggy, also known by a variety of other names, is a wheeled cart supplied by a shop or store, especially supermarkets, for use by customers inside the premises for transport of merchandise as they move around the premises, while …

What do French people call shopping carts?


From To Via
• shopping cart → chariotchariot de coursescaddie ↔ Einkaufswagen
• shopping cart → panier ↔ Warenkorb

What are the different types of shopping carts?

Every online store must have the shopping cart functionality to be able to sell products to customers. Essentially, there are two types of shopping carts – hosted and self-hosted shopping carts. Hosted shopping carts are off-the-shelf solutions managed by the company who created them.

What are old lady trolleys called?

granny trolley
The word ‘granny trolley’ or ‘old lady trolley’ may spring to mind when you think about a trolley, but we want to change all that.

Who says buggy instead of shopping cart?

While most Northern and Western U.S. states prefer the term “shopping cart,” Southerners (with the exception of Floridians) tend to say “buggy.”

What is a shopping cart called in the South?


What do other countries call shopping carts?


  • (Britain, Australia, New Zealand) shopping trolley, trolley.
  • (United States) grocery cart.
  • (Canada, Southern US) buggy.
  • (New England) (rare) carriage.
  • (New Zealand) trundler.

What do you call a shopping cart in Spanish?

carrito de compras. More Spanish words for shopping cart. el carrito noun.

What is eCommerce cart?

Shopping cart definition A shopping cart is an essential part of a retailer’s online store that streamlines the online shopping experience. It’s software that allows website visitors to select, reserve, and purchase a product or service from an eCommerce interface.

What is the bottom of a shopping cart called?

They also have a program called “HAVE YOU SEEN B.O.B.?”, where B.O.B. stands for bottom of basket, not a guy named Bob. Also, some of the newer stores have a camera in that window that, I assume, is tied to analytics of some sort to alert store personell when something slides by unnoticed. Reply.

Can you sit on a sholley shopping trolley?

The Sholley shopping trolley is well built, easy to control, large enough to sit on, provides ample space for shopping and if necessary is strong enough and large enough to sit on. Glad we bought it.