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What is a rave valve?

What is a rave valve?

As the name suggests, RAVE (Rotax Adjustable Variable Exhaust) valves are special exhaust valves on Rotax engines. They are also commonly called power valves. The main idea behind RAVE valves is to widen the engine’s power band, which ensures better low-end power and higher top speeds.

How does a 2 stroke power valve open?

KTM, Husky and GasGas two-strokes have a square Robertson wrench bolt in the right side of the engine that can be tightened to preload the power-valve spring, causing it to begin opening later, or loosened to take pressure off the power-valve spring, causing it to start opening sooner.

In what RPM Kips open?

The CDI and KIPS Valves work together to produce the best possible low-end performance. At 6000 rpm the slide valve snaps open, the sub ports snap shut and the CDI retards the ignition back to the base (idle) setting.

Does power valve affect idle?

Conclusion: An open Power Valve has no effect at all on idle. The fuel from the PV is not being discharged at idle, since it must discharge from the main discharge nozzles.

How do you know if your power valve is bad?

The incorrect size power valve, or a blown out power valve can cause problems such as poor fuel economy, black smoke emanating from your exhaust, dark or fouling spark plugs and a poor idle. If you suspect that your carburetor has a blown-out power valve, you can perform this simple test.

What RPM do rave valves open?

Gradual application of the throttle, however, will result in the RAVE valve opening much later, i.e. 7300-7500 RPM. If the RAVE valve opens too late, the engine will bog or hesitate momentarily as the RPM increases.

How often should you clean rave valves?

valves is not a big deal and should be done at least every 1000 miles (I prefer every 500 miles). Once you get the hang of it, you’ll find that this takes very little time. By doing it often you will also find that it will not only keep your sled running at its peek, but also aids in the cleaning the next time.