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What is a rabona in football?

What is a rabona in football?

In association football, the rabona is the technique of kicking the football where the kicking leg is crossed behind the back of the standing leg.

How do you do the rabona skill?

How to do a Rabona

  1. Plant foot a few inches from back of ball facing your target.
  2. Swing kicking foot around the back of your plant leg.
  3. Curl foot to use outside of your foot.
  4. Make contact underneath the ball.
  5. Turn shoulders to face target on follow through.

Why is it called the rabona?

The term “rabona” came about because an Argentinean football magazine, El Grafico, displayed a picture of Infante performing the trick with the caption “Infante played hooky”—”rabona” in Spanish meaning to play hooky or to skip school.

How hard is a rabona?

The rabona is a very difficult shot that can take months and even years to master. As you practice, this move will feel more comfortable, and you will become a better player for your efforts. Try the rabona while in motion.

Who made rabona?

Giovanni Roccotelli
The ‘rabona’ was popularised by Italian Giovanni Roccotelli in the 1970s, but its origins reportedly date back to 1948 and a match between Argentinean teams Estudiantes de la Plata and Rosario Central.

What is a rabona used for?

Rabonas are usually used to outwit an opponent who is tackling you, though sometimes they can be useful for goal-scoring. If a striker is in the wrong position to score using their preferred foot, they can use a rabona. They can also rabona the ball to get the angle right when in a tight spot.

Who is the rainbow King in football?

Superstar Neymar
Brazilian Superstar Neymar is a notable exponent of the rainbow flick in the modern game.

What is a rabona and why do players perform it?

Another reason why a player could perform a rabona might be to confuse a defending player, or simply to show off his own ability, as it is considered a skilful trick at any level. Rabona in Spanish means to play hooky, to skip school.

How to do the rabona kick?

That’s the Rabona! Needless to say, this kick is all technique, requiring a lot of time and dedication to perfect. First start by practicing the motion from a stationary position, slowly transitioning to practicing it in motion at different speeds and angles.

How do I practice rabona?

If when practicing a rabona you find it hard to make contact with the ball, play around by adjusting the distance and position between your plant foot and the ball. Your positioning and timing is crucial for this kick, as unlike a traditional kick, there’s less room for error.

What college football team has a rabona onside kick?

Rice University placekicker Chris Boswell successfully executed a rabona onside kick against the University of Houston on September 21, 2013, though Rice would lose the game. Boswell had learned the trick from his father, who grew up playing association football in Brazil.