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What is a piscicide used for?

What is a piscicide used for?

A piscicide is a chemical substance which is poisonous to fish. The primary use for piscicides is to eliminate a dominant species of fish in a body of water, as the first step in attempting to populate the body of water with a different fish. They are also used to combat parasitic and invasive species of fish.

Is rotenone harmful to humans?

The World Health Organization classifies rotenone as moderately hazardous because it may be absorbed by ingestion or inhalation. Inhalation of concentrated rotenone in the powder form is the most direct threat to humans, and caution is required during handling.

Can you buy rotenone?

Rotenone is sold both as a powder and a liquid. The liquid form is more appropriate as a piscicide. Liquid rotenone is a restricted-use pesticide that can be purchased from certain pesticide suppliers.

How does rotenone affect fish?

Approved fish toxicants Rotenone kills fish by inhibiting cellular respiration and the ability to use dis- solved oxygen. In effect, the fish suffocate. Fish exposed to lethal rotenone concentrations move to the surface and gasp for oxygen as if the water was oxygen-depleted.

Can you eat fish killed by rotenone?

Can we eat fish treated by rotenone? You are strongly cautioned not to eat fish that have been treated with rotenone because no federal or state guidelines are in place for eating fish taken after rotenone treatment.

Is miticide harmful to humans?

It is toxic to fish and various invertebrates and also is an endocrine disruptor in humans and other mammals.

Is rotenone banned in the US?

In the United States and Canada, all uses of rotenone except as a piscicide are being phased out. It is currently banned in the United States for any use in organic farming. In the UK, rotenone insecticides (sold under the trade name Derris) were banned for sale in 2009.

Why is rotenone toxic?

Poisoning with rotenone is uncommon but is potentially fatal because this agent inhibits the mitochondrial respiratory chain. In vitro cell studies have shown that rotenone-induced toxicity is reduced by the use of N-acetylcysteine, antioxidants and potassium channel openers.

Where can I get rotenone?

Rotenone is a registered aquatic chemical that is used to kill fish. In Alabama, rotenone for pond renovation can be purchased from most farm supply or feed-and-seed stores by anyone with a pesticide applicator permit.

Where can I find rotenone?

Rotenone is a naturally occurring compound found in the roots of several plant species and has been extensively used as an insecticide and to kill fish.

How do you put rotenone in a pond?

Liquid rotenone can be mixed with twice its volume of water before application, or it can be poured in the concentrated form directly into the water, if the container spout is plugged to allow control of the flow to ensure proper coverage of the entire pond.

What neutralizes rotenone?

If biologists want to quickly neutralize the effects of rotenone, potassium permanganate can be used. Potassium permanganate is an oxidizing agent, used worldwide in water treatment plants to purify drinking water.