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What is a Panasonic 3DO worth?

What is a Panasonic 3DO worth?

IGN did a listed breakdown of each of the consoles, and while the adjusted inflation for consoles like the Atari 2600 sees the original 1977 $199 price tag escalating to $790 for a 2016 price, it was the Panasonic 3DO that took the top spot, originally releasing in 1993 for $699 but adjusted for inflation in 2016 for …

Were there any good 3DO games?

Samurai Shodown was one of the best titles for the platform, and this 3DO title is the best version you could play in the 90s. It’s pretty much arcade perfect. It has all of the characters, and at their arcade version size. Aside from that it’s a very competent Street Fighter II clone.

How many Panasonic 3DO games are there?

A total of more than 200 games were developed and released for the console during its official commercial run.

Is 3DO still a company?

It went bankrupt in 2003 due to poor sales of its games. Its headquarters were in Redwood City, California, in the San Francisco Bay Area.

What happened Panasonic 3DO?

The 3DO system was eventually discontinued at the end of 1996, with a complete shutdown of all internal hardware development and divestment of the M2 technology.

Who made the 3DO?

3DO Interactive Multiplayer
Panasonic FZ-1 3DO Interactive Multiplayer
Manufacturer Panasonic, Sanyo and GoldStar (now LG)
Generation Fifth generation
Release date October 4, 1993 (NA) March 20, 1994 (JP) 1994 (EU)

What is the best 3DO?

15 Best 3DO Games Of All Time

  • Space Hulk: Vengeance Of The Blood Angels (1995)
  • The Horde (1994)
  • Road Rash ( 1994)
  • Wolfenstein 3D (1995)
  • Alone In The Dark (1994)
  • Super Street Fighter II Turbo (1994)
  • Myst (1995)
  • The Need for Speed (1994)

Are there any good Philips CDI games?

The two sidescrolling games, Link: The Faces Of Evil and Zelda: The Wand Of Gamelon, are astoundingly good.

What was the last 3DO game?

Creature Shock
Travelling across the pond, the final 3DO game to see release in America was Creature Shock, shipping on the 19th of March.

Who owns 3DO now?

Ziggurat Interactive
Modern and retro publisher Ziggurat Interactive has acquired the portfolio of defunct 3DO Game Company from Prism Entertainment. Ziggurat now wholly owns the library of more than 30 titles, including Captain Quazar, Killing Time, and Avenging Angel.

What does 3DO stand for?

Also found in: Encyclopedia. Acronym. Definition. 3DO. Three Dimensional Object.