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What is a male wench called?

What is a male wench called?

Just for the record: in some Shakespearian texts, the masculine version of a wench is a swain. It seems that in Shakespeare’s time the word swain meant a young male peasant or sheperd and wench a young female peasant.

What is the equivalent of a wench?

fancy woman, floozy. (or floozie), hoochie.

What does it mean when a man calls a woman a winch?

May 19, 2016 yanira.vargas. “Wench” began as a general term for a girl or woman, and over the centuries acquired a variety of meanings, including female servant, lower-class female, and prostitute. It is mostly used today as a jokingly affectionate archaic allusion to Shakespearean ribaldry.

What is a saucy wench?

peasant girl; female servant; wanton woman: a saucy little wench.

What is a falander?

falander. A person,or persons who buy favors that will benefit themselves. Large, powerful people, groups, or special interest organization, that pay other people to provide services, or privileges.

What does rump Fed mean?

that is, fed on scraps, such as liver, kidneys, chitlings, and other kitchen perquisites.

What is a Docksy?

noun, plural dox·ies. Archaic. an immoral or sexually promiscuous woman, especially a prostitute. a mistress.

What does Salty Wench mean?

Salty Wench is an ironborn longship captained by Quenton Greyjoy.

What does it mean when someone calls you a winch?

It’s most often used as a joke or an insult, but technically it can mean a country girl, a servant, a loose woman, or simply a young woman. Winch comes from the Old English word wince, which meant “pully.” I’ve used winches on sailboats to pull and tighten line—a winch is any type of crank.

What does being marooned mean?

marooned; marooning; maroons. Definition of maroon (Entry 2 of 3) transitive verb. 1 : to put ashore on a desolate island or coast and leave to one’s fate. 2 : to place or leave in isolation or without hope of ready escape.

What is a Cochette?

1 : prostitute. 2 : a shallow individual baking dish usually with one or two handles.