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What is a joint fire observer?

What is a joint fire observer?

The Joint Fires Observer (JFO) course is a two-week course which provides select personnel from all branches of the military with standardized training to engage targets with joint fires through the detailed integration with Terminal Attack Controllers (TACs) and Fire Support Teams (FSTs).

What Army MOS goes to Fort Sill?

It is designated as a National Historic Landmark and serves as home of the United States Army Field Artillery School as well as the Marine Corps’ site for Field Artillery MOS school, United States Army Air Defense Artillery School, the 31st Air Defense Artillery Brigade, and the 75th Field Artillery Brigade.

How long is AIT training at Fort Sill?

Job training for an air and missile defense crewmember requires 10 weeks of Basic Combat Training and 10 weeks of Advanced Individual Training with on-the-job instruction.

What are FiSTers in the military?

They are officially called Fire Support Specialists in the U.S. Army and Fire Support Men in the U.S. Marine Corps. They are colloquially known as FiSTers, regardless of whether they are members of a FiST (Fire Support Team), FSE (Fire Support Element) or COLTs (Combat Observation and Lasing Teams).

Who can go to JTAC school?

They must be a Noncommissioned Officer or above, and must have a combat arms Military Occupational Specialty with one year of operational experience. Must complete JTAC primer course via MarineNet (distance online training).

How hard is JFO?

“The program is so rigorous that in every class, it is statistically proven that at least 4 people fail out of it.” During this year’s JFO course, a total of 24 candidates started the course, but only 18 could successfully finish the course. “The hardest part was overcoming my own failures and mess-ups,” said Pfc.

Is Fort Sill a good duty station?

LAWTON, Ok (RNN Texoma) – The same organization that ranked Lawton one of the worst cities to raise children is ranking Fort Sill one of the top ten military installations in the country. 24/7 Wall Street ranks Fort Sill number 7 on the list.

What is Fort Sill known for?

Long known as the home of the U.S. Army’s Field Artillery, Fort Sill evolved from a frontier cavalry post into one of the most important military installations in the United States.

Which MOS has the shortest AIT?

Patient Administration Specialist (MOS 68G) Summary: Patient Administration Specialist AIT takes place at Fort Sam Houston. It lasts seven weeks making it one of the shortest training periods for a medical-related MOS.

Why are 13F called FISTers?

These soldiers, usually assigned to a Forward Support Team (the FiST), are known as “FiSTers” and are the eyes and ears for naval artillery and artillery gun lines across the world.