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What is a Glock 30 Good For?

What is a Glock 30 Good For?

The Glock 30 provides good grip contact and superb control. It suffers less recoil and muzzle jump compared to other semi-automatic pistols. Relative to most handguns, it demonstrates excellent accuracy at seven and 15 yards and performs well up to 20 yards.

Is a Glock 27 small?

The Glock 27 is a mighty handgun in a small package. The Glock 27 chambered in . 40 S&W is one of the most popular subcompact pistols on the market for a good reason. This handgun has the firepower for almost any self-defense scenario combined with an incredible small size that is perfect for concealment.

What’s the difference between Glock 30 and 30S?

Compared to the original G30: The primary features are the slimmer slide width (1” as opposed to 1.12”) and lower slide-assembly weight (it’s a full 3.5 ounces lighter than the G30 slide assembly) and with the SF frame, the 30S has a slightly shorter trigger reach and overall grip radius as compared to the plain G30.

Are the Glock 29 and 30 the same size?

The two pistols both have an overall length of 6.88 inches with a barrel length of 3.77 inches. The Glock 29 weighs 26.83 ounces unloaded and the Glock 30 weighs just half an ounce less. Both pistols have a width of 1.27 inches and a height between 4.45 inches (Glock 29) and 4.80 inches (Glock 30).

Is a Glock 30 powerful?

The combination of firepower and concealability makes the Glock 30 an excellent backup gun for law enforcement or a concealed carry gun for those who can legally do so. Here’s What You Need to Remember: The Glock 30 is one of the smallest pistols chambered in . 45 ACP round.

Is the Glock 30 popular?

The Glock 30 is a very popular handgun that is praised by many. It is especially popular with concealed carry folks who want a reliable and robust carry gun. It’s a compact pistol and utilizes the . 45 ACP cartridge.

Is the Glock 27 worth buying?

The Glock 27 fulfills a valuable role, providing compact firepower for those that need it in a simple, extremely reliable package. Although it may not have the magazine capacity of larger pistols, it can also quietly go where other pistols cannot.

What is the smallest Glock 27?

The G27 is the Mini or Sub-Compact . 40 caliber handgun.

Is the Glock 30S accurate?

Glocks are particularly well-known for their accuracy, but the 30 (like other models) does just fine in terms of hitting where you’re aiming. At about 10 yards the cluster of rounds was sitting between 1 and 2 inches apart.

Is the Glock 30S a Gen 4?

The GLOCK 30 Gen4 in the 45 Auto offers excellent out-of-the-box precision paired with the ballistic quality of this caliber. The Gen4 design of this small easy-to-shoot package combines a shorter trigger reach with a great magazine capacity.

How big is a Glock 29?

The 29 comes in at 32 ounces with a fully loaded 10-round-magazine. The Glock 29 has an overall length of 6.97 inches, and a height of 4.53 inches, making it only nominally taller than the 43. The overall width is 1.38 inches, and the slide is 1.12 inches.