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What is a draftmaster?

What is a draftmaster?

Draftmaster is the solution for carrying traditional bicycles, tandems, recumbents and trikes on an easy loading hitch-mount system. Carry all frame styles without modification – No frame adapters needed. Carry long bikes or trikes with NO vehicle side overhang – Only on a Draftmaster.

How do I transport my adult tricycle?

Consider a roof rack or a hitch-mounted rack designed to carry a trike, such as the Alpaca rack, which can carry two tadpole-style trikes, such as those from Catrike.

Can you put a recumbent bike on a bike rack?

Your choices may be limited by the make, model and year of your vehicle. Although most recumbent bikes will fit on traditional style racks, some racks are better suited for recumbent bikes than others. We carry racks that are well-suited for recumbent bicycles and trikes.

How fast can a recumbent trike go?

The Catrike 700 was built for all-out speed Catrike. Its aerodynamics seating position, fast rolling 700C wheel and high gears, make this a fast high-performance trike. It is arguably the fastest recumbent trike in the World….

Detailed Specifications
Idler Chain Keepers Terracycle Sport/PTFE chain tubes

What is the best way to transport an adult tricycle?

Since transporting a recumbent trike can be a challenge, they are best carried on racks designed for trikes. If you have a hatchback, station wagon, minivan, SUV, or truck, many tadpole recumbent trikes and some delta-style recumbent trikes can be carried in the vehicle.

How do you transport TerraTrike?

The best way to transport your TerraTrike is to ride it, of course. But if you must use a gas powered vehicle it is easier than you may think. You can use a roof rack with three wheel trays.

Can you put an electric bike on a car bike rack?

Yes, you can store e-bikes on a bike rack. Make sure the rack on your car can carry the total weight and your bike’s geometry is supported. Inspect your bike’s stability and secure them tightly and distribute the weight of your bike(s) evenly.