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What is a 17-40mm lens good for?

What is a 17-40mm lens good for?

The 17-40mm focal length range is great for group pictures, environmental portraits and full body pictures. Stand back and make a person part of a wide landscape shot. If tighter portraits are your interest, look for a lens that gives you at least an 85mm – 135mm equivalent focal length.

Do I need a filter for my Canon lens?

By far, the most important filter you need to use is a UV filter or clear glass filter to protect your Canon lens. These filters do not affect exposure at all and are the single most effective way to protect your lens. UV or “Haze” filters will improve your photos under hazy shooting conditions.

Is Canon 17 40 good for portraits?

The 17-40 is not too wide for portraits. It is too wide for headshots. Headshots are a small subset of “portraits.” For many years, the vast majority of portraits were done with lenses that are “normal” to “slightly wide.” Look at all the well-known photographers who shot with standard Rollei TLRs.

Can you put a filter on a wide angle lens?

You’ll often read that CPL filters don’t work as well on wide-angle lenses. However, Urth CPL filters can be used on wide-angle lenses to great effect. Polarising filters are generally not used on wide-angle lenses because they’re dependent on the angle of the sun.

Does the Canon 17 40mm lens have image stabilization?

The 17-40mm f/4 L has NO image stabilization. It’s so wide that this isn’t a problem. You can hand-hold it much slower than a normal lens.

How do you know what size filter to get for lens?

If your lens has a filter thread, you’ll need to find out the lens diameter. In many cases, it’s marked some on the barrel of the lens itself with the ø followed by a number. That refers to millimeters. So ø58, for instance, would mean it will take 58mm screw-in filters.

Does a UV filter affect image quality?

Conclusion. My test confirmed that UV filters definitely have a negative impact on image quality; however, I was surprised that the UV filters only caused very minor changes to the image. The sharpness was not affected at all and the UV filter only made a tiny change to the color and lens flare.

What filters to use on a wide-angle lens?

The Sigma 14-24mm f/2.8 is another of the great well-rounded wide-angle lenses on the market. Lucroit, Lee, Nisi and Progrey offer filter holders and filters for this lens.

How do you protect a wide-angle lens?

You use a padded bag or lens case, and you use the lens cap.

Is 40mm lens good for street photography?

Being shorter than 50mm lenses, 40mm primes perform well for street photography in tight spaces. There are quite a few 40mm primes on the market today, and for good reasons. Street photographers, documentarians, photojournalists, photo walkers, and event photographers swear by them.