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What ink is compatible with Canon PG-245?

What ink is compatible with Canon PG-245?

Canon PG-245 Black Ink-Cartridge Compatible to iP2820, MG2420, MG2924, MG2920, MX492, MG3020, MG2525, TS3120, TS302, TS202, TR4520.

Can I use PG 240 ink instead of PG-245?

Hi, you cannot use a PG-240 in place of a PG-245. The two inks are compatible with a different range of printers.

Why is Canon ink out of stock?

Because the global supply of ink has been disrupted on a number of different fronts, resulting in Printer Ink Shortage 2021. Printing inks use ethanol in their manufacture, but many ethanol shipments were diverted and used to make hand sanitizer and cleaning supplies, especially during the early days of the pandemic.

Can I use 240xl ink instead of 245XL?

A: Yes you can it is the same cartridge it just has more ink in it.

Are 245 and 275 ink interchangeable?

The cartridges are not interchangeable, so be sure to put the correct cartridge in it’s corresponding slot.

Can you use Canon 245 in place of 243?

Yes it’s a good option.

Can I use Canon 240XL instead of 245?

A: Yes you can it is the same cartridge it just has more ink in it. A: XL just means it has more ink. As long as your printer uses a 240, you should be fine.

Are Canon 245 and 275 interchangeable?

Is there a shortage of Canon ink cartridges?

There is no shortage of toner cartridge itself – a shortage of the chip that lies inside the toner cartridge. As such, we’re now shipping toner cartridges for some of our MFP devices without this chip to ensure we’re still providing a continuous supply of consumables to our Canon U.S.A. customers.

Why has printer ink gone up in price?

The loss they make on printers means that companies need to sell ink cartridges to make a profit, and this model has led to a battleground between printer manufacturers and third-party ink suppliers. The companies do everything they can to keep you buying official ink cartridges.