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What happens when you get partner of the quarter at Starbucks?

What happens when you get partner of the quarter at Starbucks?

I had longed for it to become my title, at some point. Partner of the Quarter is a title that all of the current employees in any given Starbucks store vote on quarterly. Four people per year are going to get called out as exemplary, through the eyes of their co-workers. That in and of itself is nice.

What is Bravo at Starbucks?

The Starbucks Bravo Award recognizes partners that achieve goals supporting the mission, values and objectives of Starbucks. Partners that receive the Bravo Award continuously strive to be their best while courageously leading themselves and others to achieve exceptional results.

What does Poq mean at Starbucks?

The Partner of the Quarter (POQ) award recognizes the significant contributions of eligible partners (cafe attendants, baristas, shift supervisors and shift managers). One partner from each U.S. company-operated store each quarter will be presented with a Partner of the Quarter Award.

What does Crmfr mean at Starbucks?

THE ORDER: EXPLAINED Starbucks has a series of drinks codes to refer to the different drinks that it makes. Gr stands for ‘grande’ – its ‘regular’ size of drinks. Vbean stands for vanilla bean powder, while ‘crmfr’ is believed to refer to a cream-based frappuccino.

What does CF mean at Starbucks?

Starbucks Drink ID Codes

Drink Box – Blended Beverages
Code Meaning
CF Coffee
CVF Caffe Vanilla
CRF Caramel

What does CB mean at Starbucks?

Starbucks Drink ID Codes

Drink Box – Hot and Cold Beverages
Code Meaning
C Cappuccino
CAC Caramel Apple Cider
CB Caramel Brule Latte

What does TL mean at Starbucks?

TL. Iced Flat White. FW. Starbucks Double Shot on ice.

What does COSD mean Starbucks?

I also like to look at the previous weeks COSD (customer occasion, per store per day) to determine what the current weeks trends will be.

What does CS mean at Starbucks?

5.0. 1 Review. The Customer Support Role creates… inspired moments for customers throughout the store, keeps store organized, clean, and fully stocked.

What is MF in Starbucks?

MF. Mocha Frappuccino. Beverage, Drink, Coffee.

What does LC stand for at Starbucks?

L. Latte. Coffee, Drink, Beverage. Coffee, Drink, Beverage.

What does BM mean at Starbucks?

Mocha Frappuccino. Beverage, Drink, Coffee. Beverage, Drink, Coffee.