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What happens to Malvolio at the end of Twelfth Night?

What happens to Malvolio at the end of Twelfth Night?

Malvolio’s end is similarly unsatisfactory as he becomes enraged at having been tricked with forged love letters, and he storms off the stage, vowing to get revenge. His ending complicates what is otherwise supposed to be a joyful conclusion.

What do the mix ups in Twelfth Night signify?

Throughout Twelfth Night, disguise and mistaken identity works as a catalyst for confusion and disorder which consistently contributes towards the dramatic comic genre of the play. Many characters in Twelfth Night assume disguises, beginning with Viola, who disguises herself as a man in order to serve Orsino, the Duke.

What does Malvolio represent in Twelfth Night?

Malvolio’s misfortune is a cautionary tale of ambition overcoming good sense, and the audience winces at the way he adapts every event—including Olivia’s confused assumption that he must be mad—to fit his rosy picture of his glorious future as a nobleman.

What does the ending of Twelfth Night mean?

The play ends as Orsino approves the union between Olivia and Sebastian. Realising his own attraction to ‘Cesario’, Orsino promises that once Viola is dressed as a woman again, they will be married as well.

What does Malvolio symbolize?

The Darkness of Malvolio’s Prison Darkness becomes a symbol of his supposed insanity, as they tell him that the room is filled with light and his inability to see is a sign of his madness. Malvolio reverses the symbolism.

Does Malvolio get his revenge?

He is rude, overbearing and insults Sir Toby, Sir Andrew, Maria and Feste. To get revenge they trick him with a forged letter, into believing that the Countess Olivia wants to marry him.

What trick is played on Malvolio?

She hides with Sir Toby and Sir Andrew as Malvolio finds the letter and is taken in by the trick. The letter says that he should wear cross-gartered yellow stockings and smile more to show he returns Olivia’s love. Maria explains that Olivia hates these things and so Malvolio will look foolish in front of her.

Does Malvolio deserve his punishment?

Malvolio suffers great injustice at the hands of tormentors and is “notoriously abused” beyond the brink of mere teasing, he does not deserve the later treatment and crime was his unliveable character and how he wronged his superiors with words alone, however the experience has not changed Malvolio at all and he now …

Why is Malvolio punished so cruelly?

With this stratification, Shakespeare allocates Malvolio’s vices of pride, usurping the social order, and dour temperament as the worst of character flaws, and that is why Malvolio receives the harshest punishment.

Was Twelfth Night a happy ending?

Despite problems of confused identities and sexualities, the play ends with marriage for the major characters because they “have learned enough about their own foolishness to accept it wisely, and their reward, as it should be, is marriage.”(Schwartz 5140).

Who does Olivia marry at the end of the play?

At the end of the play Olivia marries Viola’s twin brother, Sebastian.

Why did Malvolio wear yellow stockings?

Twelfth Night fans will recall that Malvolio, pompous puritanical steward to the lady Olivia, is tricked by Olivia’s gentlewoman Maria into believing that Olivia is in love with him – and in the forged letter that Maria drops in his way, she asks him to wear yellow stockings and cross-gartering as proof of his love for …