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What happens in Crime and Punishment Part 4?

What happens in Crime and Punishment Part 4?

Part 4 of Fyodor Dostoevsky’s ‘Crime and Punishment’ examines Rodion Raskolnikov from several perspectives. Most importantly, he comes close to confessing his guilt twice. He leaves both Sonya and Porfiry Petrovich empty-handed in both instances.

Does Raskolnikov have a wife?

Despite the jeers of the tavern’s patrons and staff, the man proceeds to tell his life story to Raskolnikov. He is a self-professed drunkard married to a proud woman of noble background, Katerina Ivanovna.

Who married Dunya?

He is sentenced to eight years of hard labour in Siberia. Sonya follows him to Siberia and visits him at every opportunity. Dunya marries Razumikhin. Raskolnikov does not repent for the murders and continues to emotionally shut out Sonya and the other prisoners.

Why does Sonya read Lazarus?

When he notices ‘the New Testament, in Russian translation,’ he demands she read ‘the part about Lazarus. ‘ Sonya has trouble initially in reading the Gospel, but ‘she had a tormenting desire to read…and precisely for him. ‘ Sonya reads the entire story for Raskolnikov.

Why did Nikolai confess in Crime and Punishment?

He then explains why Nikolay the painter confessed to the murder. The painter happens to belong to an old religious order, which believes that man should suffer and to suffer at the hands of authorities is the best type of suffering, but above all “simply suffering is necessary.”

What happens to Sonya in Crime and Punishment?

After her father dies, Sonia becomes the primary source of financial support for her family and is forced to choose between prostitution and destitution, or extreme poverty. Her choice is to sell herself to feed her family, which is an ultimate exhibition of selflessness and love.

Was Raskolnikov a nihilist?

Raskolnikov says he loves his family, and he does, but he also isolates himself emotionally, out of feeling superior. Raskolnikov’s unsentimental behavior and lack of concern for others’ feelings make him a good example of a nihilist.

How old is Dunya in Crime and Punishment?

Answer and Explanation: Dunya’s age is never stated; however, she is younger than Raskolnikov, who is twenty-three.

Does Razumikhin marry Dounia?

Dunya and Razumikhin get married. Razkonikov’s mother becomes mentally unbalanced, and dies. Razkolnikov still feels that his only wrong was not having committed his crime successfully, but with Sonia’s help, he begins his rehabilitation.

Why is Raskolnikov against his sister’s marriage?

Raskolnikov is deeply offended by Luzhin’s offer of marriage because he views Dunya as sacrificing herself to benefit him, and he cannot stand the idea of someone making such a sacrifice for him. He makes a comparison between his sister’s sacrifice to help her family and Sonya’s sacrifice to help her family.

Is Raskolnikov in love with Sonia?

Sonya fights for their relationship, especially after Rodion is sent to prison. While serving his sentence, Rodion realizes he is in love with Sonya. The novel ends with the hope that the two of them can kindle their love and find happiness in the comfort of one another.

Why does Svidrigailov let Dunya go?

Svidrigailov does not rush Dunya; instead, he gives her all the time she needs in order to reload the pistol. He is willing to let Dunya kill him. After she has reloaded the pistol, he approaches her again saying that this time at three paces, she can hardly miss, but she can’t fire and she drops the pistol.