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What happens if you give Branka the anvil?

What happens if you give Branka the anvil?

Let Branka control the Anvil, Harrowmont in charge. Harrowmont kidnaps innocent surface dwellers and turns them into golems. Starts an open war between Ferelden and Orzammar. Harrowmont’s platform was already high on Xenophobia, and this would only make things much, much worse.

Should I destroy the Anvil of the Void?

A Golem will appear and plead with you to destroy the Anvil of the Void, so that no more Golem slaves can be created with it. But Branka insists that the Anvil of the Void must be returned to the Dwarves of Orzammar, so that they can create Golems and recapture the glory they’ve all but completely lost.

Should I side with Branka?

Side with Branka and preserve the Anvil: You kill Caridin. Branka makes a crown for you and stays there to continue working on the Anvil. Dwarves and Golems assist you during the Blight.

How do you fight Anvil of the Void?

The only way to damage the heads is by using one of the four Spirit Anvils that surround the Apparatus. Each Spirit Anvil is guarded by a spirit summoned by the Apparatus. When a spirit is defeated, its Anvil becomes active. Clicking on that Anvil causes it to then deal 500 damage to the head facing it.

Who is better Harrowmont or Bhelen?

Harrowmont is the better man (or dwarf, I guess) as a person, but he is detrimental to Orzammar and the dwarves. He’s cleaner and less dirty, but he is not a good candidate for King. Bhelen is a dirty swine, but he is very beneficial to the town and the lower class dwarves.

What did Branka do Dragon Age?

Branka is a weapon-and-shield warrior with high physical resistance and, as natural for a dwarf, magic resistance. The best way to defeat her is to first defeat her golems. If her health is less than half, she’ll use Lyrium veins to duplicate herself, so use them before she does.

How do I get shale in Dragon Age Origins?

To find Shale, you need to install “The Stone Prisoner” DLC. Presuming you have already done that, you need to head to the map point called “Sulcher’s Pass”. There, you will encounter a travelling merchant, Felix de Grossbois.

How do you open the door to the Anvil of the Void?

In the room close the four Gas Valves and defeat the Stone Golems to release the door. Loot the Dwarf Corpse and enter the next room with Blade Traps and more Stone Golems.

Who is the better Dwarf King in Dragon Age?

Harrowmont is the morally better choice, as he is fairly honest and straightforward. His problem is that he’s hugely traditional to the point of being regressive, and in the long term this leads the dwarves to become isolationist and have continuing internal conflict.

Who is the best king for Orzammar?

Who is the better King of Orzammar? Bhelen by a landslide.

Who is the best choice for King in Orzammar?

Fandom. Who is the better King of Orzammar? Bhelen by a landslide.

What happens to Shale after origins?

Shale became a golem -255 Ancient. That’s almost 1100 years before the Inquisitor was born. After that much time, Shale’s likely an ancestor of every dwarf in or from Orzammar. The same reasoning applies to paragon Aeducan, who was alive even before her.