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What happens if WhatsApp is not sending verification code?

What happens if WhatsApp is not sending verification code?

If you do not receive the code, you will have to wait for the countdown that appears next to the options: Resend SMS, or Call Me to be able to request it again.

Can I get my WhatsApp verification code by email?

The verification code is used to verify that you own the phone number. You must be able to verify your phone number via SMS or voice call. We cannot send the code via email.

How can I bypass WhatsApp verification code 2021 on iPhone?

There is no way to bypass WhatsApp verification time. The only way to use the app is to wait for the verification process to be complete.

Why WhatsApp can’t verify my number?

If you’re having issues verifying, please verify the following: You have the latest version of WhatsApp installed from the App Store. You have entered your full international phone number, including the country code (or select your country from the country list).

How can I open my WhatsApp without verification code?

How to Activate WhatsApp Without a Verification Code

  1. 1 Creating a New Phone Number.
  2. 2 Activating WhatsApp on iOS or Android.
  3. 3 Activating WhatsApp on a Windows Computer.
  4. 4 Activating WhatsApp Web on a Computer.

How can I solve WhatsApp verification problem?

Troubleshooting steps If you are having issues verifying, please try the following: Reboot your phone (To reboot your phone, turn it off, wait for 30 seconds, and turn it back on). Delete and reinstall the latest version of WhatsApp.

How can I activate WhatsApp without verification code?

How can I verify my WhatsApp without SMS?

Use Existing Landline to Verify WhatsApp (Method#2)

  1. Open WhatsApp on your phone, tablet or PC. Open up the WhatsApp application on your phone, tablet or PC.
  2. Enter Your Home Phone/Landline number.
  3. Wait for Verification by SMS to Fail.
  4. Enter the Verification Code.
  5. Complete the Setup Process.

How can I transfer my WhatsApp to another phone without verification code?

You can’t get your old account back without the verification code because WhatsApp always asks for verification codes to link old accounts. But you can create a backup file and restore it on your new phone if you need your old data.

What is my 6 digit code for WhatsApp?

The six-digit verification code of WhatsApp is also known as verification OTP (One Time Password). It is a random combination of six numbers that are temporarily generated and sent via SMS or call to authenticate a WhatsApp account at the time of setup.

What is my 6-digit code for WhatsApp?

After you enter your phone number, please wait for an SMS to be delivered to your phone. The SMS will contain a 6-digit verification code, which you can enter on the verification screen in WhatsApp. The verification code is unique and changes each time you verify a new phone number or device.