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What happened to the warhouse gym?

What happened to the warhouse gym?

Rob and Dana Linn Bailey Shut Down Their Gym Warhouse Indefinitely.

What happened Dana Linn Bailey?

Former competitive bodybuilder Dana Linn Bailey learned this the hard way. The athlete was recently hospitalized after overextending herself during a workout and giving herself rhabdomyolysis (rhabdo) — a rare, but very serious condition that can result in kidney failure.

Is Dana Linn Bailey married?

Rob BaileyDana Linn Bailey / Spouse

Does Dana Linn Bailey still compete?

She won overall, received her IFBB pro card, and became the first women’s physique professional in the NPC/IFBB. She is currently on hiatus from the Olympia competition, focusing on her and her husband’s gym.

How does Dana Linn Bailey make money?

The majority of her income comes from her profession as well as from the fitness industry for which she earns a lot. Apart from that, as a bodybuilder, she also makes a good sum of money from the brand endorsement and sponsorship, as well as her clothing line. Dana Linn Bailey’s annual income is more than $ 100,000.

How old is DLB?

39 years (May 30, 1983)Dana Linn Bailey / Age

Was Rob Bailey in the military?

Career. Bailey joined the United States Air Force in 1975. In 1976, he was assigned to the 96th Bombardment Wing. He would then be assigned to the 919th Special Operations Group.

Is Rob Bailey still vegan?

Rob Bailey announces he’s been vegan for 5 months and stopped consuming meat 1.5 years ago. Rob Bailey, music producer, fitness icon, YouTube star, entrepreneur and husband of Dana Linn Bailey (2013 Ms. Olympia Physique) has just announced he hasn’t consumed meat for 1.5 years and has been vegan for the last 5 months.

How did Dana Linn Bailey make her money?

How tall is DLB?

5′ 4″Dana Linn Bailey / Height

Why is Dana Linn Bailey famous?

Dana gained popularity after becoming the winner of Joe Weider’s Olympia in 2013. She has a well-toned and muscular physical appearance which people like her. Dana is the inspiration for millions of her fans who want to build a good physique. She has an amazing 2 million fans following her Instagram.

What does Rob Bailey do for living?

Bodybuilder, photographer, and entrepreneur Rob Bailey started his career in music with Charlie Hustle. Following his interests in the arts lead him to becoming a web designer at QVC.