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What happened to the Bourbon Dolphin?

What happened to the Bourbon Dolphin?

AHTS Bourbon Dolphin was an anchor handling tug supply vessel of Bourbon Offshore Norway. The ship capsized off the coast of Shetland on April 12, 2007, and sank three days later while preparations were being made to tow her to shore.

What does Ahts mean?

Anchor Handling Tug Supply (AHTS) vessels are mainly built to handle anchors for oil rigs, tow them to location, and use them to secure the rigs in place. AHTS vessels sometimes also serve as Emergency Response and Rescue Vessels (ERRVs) and as supply transports.

What is a Mpsv?

MPSV Vessels | Multipurpose Supply Vessels.

What is Dolphin ism?

The ISM Code demands procedures for the key operations that the vessel is to perform, Despite the fact that anchor-handling was the vessel’s main function, there was no vessel-specific anchor-handling procedure for the “Bourbon Dolphin”.

How does AHTS vessel work?

Anchor handling tug vessels or systems have a crane like equipment (known as the winch) that can be attached to the oil rigs and then propelled forth in the water. The “anchor supply “, mentioned as a part of the vessel’s name, is then allowed to be sunk into the seawater in order to keep the rigs steady.

Are tug boats still used?

They are very reliable and still in use today. The tractor tug is next up, it uses a “2-multidirectional propulsion unit, of which some are rather like large rotating outboard motors with other consisting of rotating vertical blades,” according to Marine Insight.

What is OSV and PSV?

They belong to the broad category of offshore vessels (OSVs) that include platform supply vessels (PSVs), crane vessels (CV) and well stimulation vessels (WSVs), anchor handling tug supply vessels (AHTSVs) and offshore construction vessels (OCVs).

What is a OSV vessel?

Also known as offshore support vessels, OSVs are specially designed ships for the logistical servicing of offshore platforms and subsea installations, from installation through the full service life of offshore fields.

What is LCT vessel?

“LCT” are specially designed ships used for hauling cargo, trucks, containers, building materials, cars and passengers.

Can a tugboat cross the ocean?

Most of these boats can also venture out in the ocean but some of them are not that strong like the river tugs. The river tugs are towboats designed to help out in the rivers and canals. They have a hull design that makes it quite dangerous for these boats to venture into open Ocean.

How much does it cost to buy a tugboat?

Captains may earn six-figure salaries, and a new tugboat can cost more than $10 million.

What is DSV in offshore?

Offshore Fleet. Diving Support Vessel (DSV) Diving Support Vessel (DSV) is designed for diving operations carried out below and around oil production platforms and related installations in open waters. These vessels are used for underwater repair, inspection, construction works, well intervention and etc.

Why Bourbon Marine & Logistics?

The Bourbon Marine & Logistics’ crews have in-depth experience in towing platforms, positioning and anchor handling. Their leitmotiv? Safety, precision, and reliability.

What is an AHTS vessel?

Towing, anchor handling, and positioning operations are carried out by AHTS vessels. They feature powerful engines and winches. Among them, the Bourbon Liberty 200 and 300, with a bollard pull of 80 to 85 t, work for the most demanding customers.

Why work at bourbourbon?

BOURBON’s 6,820 employees make their expertise a lever of excellence in serving customers the most demanding. They are ambassadors of the employer brand on land and at sea de BOURBON: Under the flag of excellence.