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What happened to Reika in Gantz?

What happened to Reika in Gantz?

In chapter 357, Reika died protecting the unconscious Kurono. He cried and apologized for saying mean things to her, further admitting that he did love her, and didn’t hate her for anything. He picks up her dead body and walks down the path, the carnage from the events before littering the way.

Who does Kei end up with Gantz?

After being revived by his friend Kato and receiving the news from Nishi that the world will end in 1 week, Kei spends more time with his girlfriend Tae and is seen at the Tokyo Gantz team meeting with Nishi talking about the “End of the World” in 1 week’s time.

What are the creatures in Gantz?


  • Onion Aliens.
  • Tanaka Aliens.
  • Buddhist Temple Aliens.
  • Kei Kurono (anime only mission. Kurono became the target.)
  • Shorty Aliens (aka The Chibi Aliens)
  • Kappe Alien (also know as Bumpkin Alien, he’s accompanied by Dinosaur Aliens)
  • Ring Aliens.
  • Tae Kojima.

What happens at the end of Gantz?

Kurono manages to defeat Eeva, thus preventing the alien mothership from destroying Earth. The series ends with Kurono and Kato returning safely to Earth and being greeted as heroes.

Who is tae in Gantz?

Tae Kojima (小島 多恵 Kojima Tae) is the first actual girlfriend of Kei Kurono Kurono. While he started dating her due to a dare, he actually falls in love with her and they build a real relationship, with Kurono growing to be very protective of her.

Who is the strongest alien in Gantz?

The Nurarihyon Alien Boss
The Nurarihyon Alien Boss is the strongest alien encountered in the Nurarihyon Alien Mission Arc. As the boss Oka Hachirou, the strongest Gantz Veteran of the Osaka Team, remarked that it was impossible for him to beat him.

Does Kei come back to Gantz?

A group of aliens known as ‘vampires’ searches for and eventually finds Kurono, killing him. After the first mission of Phase 2 in the Gantz storyline, Kei is revived by Kato but remembers nothing beyond his choice to leave the game.

Who is the man inside Gantz?

Heinz Bernstein
Age Unknown Old Aged
Current Status Unknown
Voice Actor
Relatives None Known

Who survived in Gantz?

Kei Kurono
Returning Hunters

Hunter Survived/Deceased Points earned this mission
Kei Kurono Survived 8
Masaru Kato Died 0
Kei Kishimoto Died after sacrificing herself to save Kato from the acid but then being melted in half by the acid 0
Masanobu Hojo Died with Sadoyo after being melted in half by the Kannon alien 0