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What happened to Mia from Best Man?

What happened to Mia from Best Man?

2/12/2021 12:50 AM PT The ‘Best Man’ star tells TMZ it’s been a long time since fans saw his character, Lance Sullivan, go through an emotional roller coaster following his wife Mia’s (Monica Calhoun) death from cancer.

Did MIA sleep with The Best Man?

Finding the book in Harper’s coat, Lance reads it and finds out the truth, realizing that Mia slept with Harper in college to get back at Lance for his numerous infidelities.

What happened to Mia in The Best Man Holiday?

Lance breaks the all-time rushing record, wins the big game and heads home to be with his dying wife. Lance and Mia cuddle together one last time, and sometime during the night, Mia succumbs to her illness (offscreen). Three days later, the gang is preparing for Mia’s funeral.

Why did Monica Calhoun stop acting?

Monica Calhoun gave the whole world a clue as to why she may have slowed down in the acting business- the reason may be due to her son. She appeared with him, arm in arm, on the red carpet at The Best Man Holiday premiere. It appears that he is a special needs child, suffering from blindness.

Does Lance forgive Harper?

Forgiveness Is A Two-Way Street Lance says he forgives Harper because of his Christian faith, but he forgives Mia because, at the end of the day, he simply loves her. Forgiveness is an essential ingredient in any long-lasting relationship.

Does Monica Calhoun have a child?

Monica Patrice Calhoun (born July 29, 1971) is an American film and television actress. Calhoun is best known for her roles in the films Bagdad Cafe, The Players Club, The Salon, The Best Man, and its sequel The Best Man Holiday….

Monica Calhoun
Height 5 ft 4 in (163 cm)
Children 1

Did Harper sleep with Jordan in best man?

When Harper proposes to Robin at the wedding reception, he had just been trying to hook up with Jordan the night before, and it was revealed that he slept with Mia. That’s a lot to get over in a day if you were Robin. Even Lance views his marriage to Mia as a purifying tonic for all of his years of reckless womanizing.

What happened between Harper and Mia?

The book details an affair Harper had with his best friend Lance’s (Morris Chestnut) now-fiancée, Mia (Monica Calhoun), who was frustrated because Lance was cheating on her. Lance assumed she didn’t know about his infidelity and she got her (secret!) revenge by messing with Harper.

Will there ever be a best man 3?

Last year, Diggs revealed that a third installment of The Best Man franchise may be finally happening but as a streaming series. On Peacock, The Best Man: The Final Chapters will join a number of revivals and reboots of iconic Universal titles, including Saved By the Bell, Punky Brewster and Battlestar Galactica.

How old is Monica Calhoun?

50 years (July 29, 1971)Monica Calhoun / Age

What nationality is Monica Calhoun?

AmericanMonica Calhoun / Nationality

Are Quentin and Mia related?

Finally, we have Mia’s boozing, promiscuous and rich brother, Quentin.