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What happened to Ink Master season 2?

What happened to Ink Master season 2?

The winner of the second season of Ink Master was Steve Tefft, with Sarah Miller being the runner-up.

Who were the contestants for season 2 of Ink Master?

Season Two of Ink Master featured sixteen tattoo artists: Cee Jay Jones, Clint Cummings,Jamie Davies, Jesse Smith, Katherine ‘Tatu Baby’ Flores, La Ron Givens,Lalo Yunda, Mark Matthews, Mike Tacji, Nick D’Angelo, Sarah Miller, Sebastian Murphy, Steve Tefft, Steven ‘Kay Kutta’ Givens, Thomas Halvorsen and Tray Benham.

Why did Oliver Peck leave ink masters?

Along with singer Dave Navarro and tattoo artist Chris Nunez, Peck was a judge on the competition reality television show Ink Master for seasons 1 through 13. He left the show after considerable backlash when earlier images surfaced of Peck in blackface.

Does Chris Nunez have a wife?

Carole-Anne LeonardChris Núñez / Wife

Where is Tatu Baby now?

She currently stars as a main cast member in Cartel Crew (2019–present), another reality television show based on people who have connections to drug cartels. Tatu Baby has remained active as a tattoo artist in Miami, Florida.

Where is Kyle Dunbar now?

He owns the Almighty Tattoo studio, in Flint, Michigan.

When is Ink Master returning?

The Ink Master revival was confirmed in February of 2021, and as such, there’s still no word on when exactly it will air. It may be a while until we see an official trailer.

How to watch Ink Master for free?

Status Ended

  • Networks Spike,Paramount Network,Paramount+
  • Premiered 2012-01-18T03:00:00Z
  • Runtime 45 mins
  • Total Runtime 5 days,12 hours,2 mins (187 episodes)
  • Country United States
  • Language English
  • Studio Original Media
  • Genres Reality
  • Where to watch Ink Master all seasons?

    S13 E15 – Race to the Finish

  • S13 E14 – Compose Yourself
  • S13 E13 – There Can Only Be One
  • How do I watch Ink Master?

    All (163)

  • Season 12 (8)
  • Season 11 (17)
  • Season 10 (18)
  • Season 9 (16)
  • Season 8 (15)
  • Season 7 (13)
  • Season 6 (14)
  • Season 5 (16)
  • Season 4 (10)